What is a People Search?

It is the simplest and easiest process of finding all the available information about your target person. A people search can provide access to the target's data through their name only. It is a helpful approach to trace almost any individual from your past or nearby relations.

Many search tools and applications are offering people search facilities for personal or business purposes. You can use them to find business scams and fake people who are fooling others. Such tools allow you to view basic information such as contact information, arrest and criminal records, possible photos, and social media profiles.

The people search tools require the user to enter the person's first and last name. Then they display the available relevant information against their names. The search tools are associated with several public records and databases that exhibit the required person's identity. There is no chance of false or misinterpreted facts in the search results.

  • Phone Number Identity
  • Court Records
  • Background Check
  • Age and Date of Birth
  • Relatives
  • Contact Numbers
  • Current Address
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Sex Offender Data
  • Arrest Records
  • Vital Records
  • Criminal Records

What Can I Find on Real People Search?

Find People by Last Name

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How Can I Use Real People Search?

Real People Search provides multiple access to search a true person, you can find an individual’s information by name, phone number, address and more.

Background Check

Perform a background check and get a comprehensive report about someone’s education background, employment history, criminal records, marital status, etc.

Address Lookup

Check who lives at a certain address with Address Lookup. Find out their phone number, email address, neighbors and other details.

Public Records

Save the hassles of going through people’s public information and find their data at RealPeopleSearch’s public records.

Phone Number Search

Look up a phone number and discover who owns it. Protect yourself from telemarketing scams, frauds, and harassment with Phone Number Search.

Email Lookup

Find out who sent you a message with email lookup quickly and effortlessly. See if it is someone you know, or a phishing scam.

Who Called Me

If you’re confused about “who owns this number”, you can type in the unknown phone number and search for relevant info, including name, location, email address, social profiles, and more.

Why Should I Perform a People Lookup?

A people search engine helps you verify identities, check locations, and find any skeletons in the closet.

  • Trace Someone from Past

    Do you have family members or friends who live abroad but have not spoken to you for a long time? We all moved away years ago due to several reasons, but we want to reconnect with them. Real People Search will help you, in this case, to find people with their names. Once you get access to all the information, connecting them would not be so tough then.

  • Look Into New Acquaintances

    It is good to meet new people. However, you should always be careful with new people who you meet at a place, park or restaurant. To get to know more about them, you can perform a people lookup to look into their essential details related to their lives.

  • Check Online Date

    We met several people through online dating apps. However, we are unsure about them as they are strangers to us. If you want to clear your doubts and misunderstandings, go for a people search that provides you potential results about your partner.

  • Research your Details

    Searching yourself may sound weird, but many people are curious about their publicly available information. You can enter your name, and Real People Search will show you all the details and records it has on its databases against your name.

  • Know About your Neighbors

    When it comes to yourself and your family, you can take every precautionary measure for their safety and care. It is crucial to know about your surroundings when you move to a new area. Real People Search makes this task easier for you. By entering the name of a required person, you will get a complete report containing their contacts, social media profiles, addresses, or criminal records.

  • Online People Search as an Investigation Tool

    In some criminal or rivalry cases, people try to disappear from the scene. They are running from courts or laws. Real People Search can be helpful in such cases and assist authorities in finding people who don't want any involvement.

How to Find a Person with Real People Search?

People Search by Name

  1. Step 1: Insert Full Name

    Enter the name of a person in the search bar, or you can also add city or state details as an option. On pressing the 'Start Search' option, the tool will start its searching process and display all the matched profiles.

  2. Step 2: Filter Profiles

    You can get multiple results matched with your entered name, from which you can access a specific profile through filtration. Following this, you can select the option of 'Access Report'.

  3. Step 3: Get a Report

    You can get a final report which contains crucial information about a person. To access the report, enter your email address and card information. Now you are all set to download and analyze the report of your target person by clicking on 'View My Report'.

Last Name Start with

People Search by Phone Number

  1. Step 1: Give Phone Number

    Go to the 'Phone Lookup' tab and add the phone number. Whether a number is a new or old one, it is linked with the public records, which will provide you with all the information.

  2. Step 2: Start Search

    Now head over to the 'Start Search' option. After processing your entered phone number, the tool will access all the records connected with that phone number. You can access the relevant profile through the option of 'Access Report'.

  3. Step 3: Read Report

    Get a detailed report by entering your email address and card information in the given area. The tool will offer you a single report by clicking on 'View My Report' that contains information such as full name, email address, date of birth, or social media profiles.

People Search by Address

  1. Step 1: Type Target Address

    Open the 'Address Lookup' tab. Enter the complete address along with the zip code of your target place. You can run a quick Google Map if you don't know the complete address.

  2. Step 2: Initiate Searching

    After providing your target address, click on 'Start Search'. Wait for some time until the serves show you all the results. Choose the relevant profile to get the details by clicking on 'Access Report'.

  3. Step 3: Export Report

    You can also access more detailed information in the report about that address. You will be asked to enter your email address and card details, after which you can access the option of 'View My Report'.

Search People In Your City

Real People Search can help you searching realistic public information about people in your city with ease. Click on one of the cities below to get started.

Search Now

Totally Free People Search Engines & Websites (No Credit Card Required)


Google is a highly used search engine for almost every person. Mainly, it has a vast database due to which we prefer to use it. It can also be used as a free tool for people searching. All you need to enter the name with quotes around it in the search box.

Google will display all the results matched with your query. However, you can also filter down the results by adding plus (+) and other information about that person.


Facebook has millions of active profiles and is the biggest source where the individual's information is publically available. Doing a people search is very handy via Facebook as we can search by name, city, school, workplace, and many more.

When you search for a specific person, you are allowed to apply filters. This approach would lessen your work and help you to reach directly to the person. However, if a person keeps his profile private, you cannot access all his details.


If you are looking for a search engine, TinEye will help you in finding the people. This tool offers unique features that allow you to upload an image of a person you are looking for. It will look up its billions of stored people images.

Upon some matching results, TinEye will display that specific image is placed on the Internet. Well, this search approach is not convenient, but it is great to test your case.


Several business sites are used to connect business firms and organizations. LinkedIn is one such prominent business site for free. It has unlimited business-related users, thus creating a global connection. You can use this app to find people and gather more information about them.

By entering the name of a person, LinkedIn will show you plenty of results. You can also filter your results to become more specific such as jobs, content, groups, connections, or companies.


Using social media to find people is the easiest way, as almost everyone has a social media account. People have also provided their basic information, which will help you to locate your target person.

Visit the site and type the individual's name in the search bar. Various profiles will appear so that you can choose the relevant person's profile.


Famous social networking site-Twitter also keeps a large network of users. You can even find all of your favorite celebrities and people here with the help of appropriate filters. Use the search bar and type the name of a person. A drop-down menu will be shown of the profiles along with their display pictures.


Pinterest is another popular emerging site that can be used to search people, cooking methods, designing, crafting, and much more. You can log in to the app and enter the individual's name. It will allow you to search in all videos, people, boards, or pins. The relevant option will provide you all the profiles, from which you can choose the required one.

Free Vs. Paid People Search

Several people search tools offer paid or free services to get information about their target individual. At the same time, plenty of search tools are not free, which means you need to pay one-time or subscribe to it.

A free people search can reveal basic information such as contact details, date of birth, addresses, social media portfolios, etc. Such details can easily be reachable through a Google search or any other free service.

Whereas paid people search tools may require a huge amount to pay. They aim to gather high-end information from various trustworthy sources and provide a deeper look. The information may include bankruptcies, traffic violations, criminal records, assets, property, and other basic details.

People Search Tips & Tricks

Online individuals are useless if they have no connection with each other. Upon listing several facts about yourself, try to connect with people from various fields and firms. This would help when you search for people from different communities.

When you search for specific people, keep the quotations on, narrowing down the search results.

In the people search, their web address may help you to make the process easier. Use the individual's name at the end of the social media sites.

From your community's common friends or suggestions, you can easily find the person you are searching for.

Many people reuse passwords, usernames, and social media display pictures. Take their profile picture from Twitter or Facebook and add it to the reverse image lookup. This is a great way to find unused profiles or old LiveJournals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to remove my personal information?

Yes, you can remove your personal information by visiting the Real People Search site, enter your name and city in the given space. Click the 'Search' button to proceed. Once your record pops out, choose the 'Remove this Record' option. It will open a new page named 'Submit Your Request To Remove a Record’ where you will enter your email for verification after data removal.

How many people can I search with the Real People Search tool

You can get unlimited searches and reports with the help of RealPeopleSearch.com. It does not provide any services to harass or steal another individual's identity. You can enjoy a safe and easy people search solution, where your first search is free. However, to access unlimited searches, you will require to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Is RealPeopleSearch.com legal?

The Fair Credit and Reporting Act manages public records. We are not observed as a consumer reporting agency under the laws of FCRA. So the information from our tool can not be used for employment purposes.

You are granted a copy of criminal records, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. Police records are available to the public for free as they are a matter of public records.

Is it possible to find a person's background for free?

The internet has a vast amount of data to search for anyone. Google and social media are good options to begin a background search. You can find huge data without any cost. However, this approach is limited and time-consuming. RealPeopleSearch offers billions of records, including background information or criminal records, to make the process easier.

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