What to Consider When Choosing a Background Check Company?

Accurate Information

It will complicate things for you if your background check provides fake information about a target. Therefore, while choosing the background service, ensure that the tool provides accurate data.

Reasonable Pricing

One should not get trapped in the fancy introduction of any background check online. Most tools provide costly substandard information. Look for an affordable tool that provides quality information.

Turnaround Time

How long does this tool take to provide background report? Do know this before purchasing a tool. If you have a tight deadline, a rapid information provider tool is needed.

Customer Service

Background check services provide customer support via phone numbers, email addresses, and live chat. Make sure that your chosen background tool has an appropriate communication source and responsible employees.


It should not let anyone use the information for the wrong purpose and not let the target know that you had done a background check.


Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if you want to do an employee background check, then you have to use a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency). The CRA helps in protecting the data and also offers dispute resolutions.

What Is Background Check?

A background check is a process to check the background details of someone. A background check tool goes through all the criminal records and court data to find one’s records.

It is made sure to provide authentic and up-to-date information about a person’s background. The record is compiled in the background report and delivered to the user.

By doing a background check, you will get your target's criminal data, felonies, marriage records, court proceedings, current and past addresses, and more. Whether you are making a business deal or trusting an online vendor, background checks should be your priority.

How to Conduct a Background Check Online?

You can conduct a background search on anyone with RealPeopleSearch. Follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Reach the “Background Search” Service

    TClick the “Background Search” service from the homepage of RealPeopleSearch.

  • Step 2: Provide the Data

    Provide the full name of your target person. Click on the "Start Search" button to find the matching records.

  • Step 3: Read the Background Report

    After a few minutes, RealPeopleSearch will display all the profiles containing related information. Click your target’s profile to access his background report.

What Information Can You Find in a Background Check?

  • Basic Information: An online background search can find the complete name, date of birth, age, social profiles, and address of the target.
  • Criminal History: The background report shows the target’s criminal records from state and county records. It includes the current, past, diminished, and fulfilled charges.
  • Contact Details: The background check also displays his phone numbers, landline numbers, and email addresses.
  • Location History: You can also detect your target’s current and past addresses, location, and office address.
  • Relationship Records: With a background check, you can determine someone’s marriage and divorce records. The report also shows the target’s hidden and official profiles on dating sites.

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How Can RealPeopleSearch Background Check Help?

  • Research Roommate/Neighbors

    Did you move into a new hostel/area and are doubtful of trusting a strange person? RealPeopleSearch can find people's identities and criminal records.

  • Verify Your Potential Online Date

    RealPeopleSearch can provide true identity and marriage records of your online date. It also provides the target’s hidden dating profiles.

  • Do an Online Background Check of yourself

    You can also use RealPeopleSearch to self-check your background information. You can know your publically available address, contact number, and criminal records.

  • Check out Sex Offenders in Your Area

    With RealPeopleSearch, you can check the sexual offenses of your neighbors. The application will provide the lawsuits and sex-offender history of the target people.

  • Verify Online Buyers and Sellers

    Before making a trade online, you can check their business and fraud details on RealPeopleSearch.

Common Types of Background Check

  • Criminal Background Check

    A criminal background check is carried if the user requires someone’s criminal activity, sex crimes, and felony convictions. If he has a criminal history or a fraud case in his name, the background checks show it.

    This information is gathered from state records, court data, county records, and criminal information of any country. However, the background application can only provide the information which is allowed for the public to access it.

  • Personal Background Check

    A personal background check is often used when the user person wants to know his publically available data. It is also considered a precautionary step before applying for any job or any institute. The user might have any past allegations that can screen him from the job. This step will provide him with knowledge about it.

    Some people complete their convictions, and the crime still appears in their background reports. If this is the case, the person deserves to know about it so he can request its removal.

  • Employment Background Check

    Employment background check is practiced by employers to check their candidate's records. It is done to avoid an employee who can impose problems or be a liability to the job place. An employment background check is often done when a person applies for a job.

    However, the employer can run it whenever he feels necessary. The information will include criminal records, medical history, drug history, and social media applications.

  • Credit Background Check

    A credit background check provides an authentic record of someone’s credit-to-debt ratio. The report shows details of how someone has accomplished credits and bills expenses. When someone applies for a car or home loan, his credit report is necessary.

    The background report also shows the bankruptcies or any other liabilities on you. You can gain access to their payment history, civil judgments, unpaid bills, and current credit inquiries.

  • Sexual Offender Registry Check

    Companies perform this smart background check to get a list of the target's sexual offenses in the past. It is done before hiring a potential employee. The background report shows the violence records and sexual crimes registered in the target's name.

    This step is done to reduce the company’s risk of hiring a violent and offender person. If done, this can damage the organization’s reputation at a higher level.

See What They Have Found

Before buying goods online, I looked up my seller's background information. RealPeopleSearch provided me with his fraud history. Thank God, it saved me from fraud.

- Noah, Minnesota

I have been dating this guy for the past 2 years. One day, I randomly searched his marriage records and found out he is married!

- Harper, Virginia

We moved to a new area, and I suspected something suspicious in my neighbors. Luckily, I searched them on RealPeopleSearch and found their criminal history!

- Benjamin, Tennessee

One day I noticed my partner calling and chatting with an unknown contact. With RealPeopleSearch, I looked up his dating history and found his hidden dating profile on Tinder.

- Ava, Idaho

Before buying goods online, I looked up my seller's background information. RealPeopleSearch provided me with his fraud history. Thank God, it saved me from fraud.

- Noah, Minnesota

I have been dating this guy for the past 2 years. One day, I randomly searched his marriage records and found out he is married!

- Harper, Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to run an employment background check with RealPeopleSearch?

No, RealPeopleSearch does not allow screening someone from a job or household help due to FCRA compliance.

How does a Background check service work?

Most background check services require the name, SSN, and date of birth of the target. The service searches the information in various databases and court records to provide eligible information.

What is the process to find someone’s information by their name?

RealPeopleSearch has a service named "People Search." You are required to provide the first and last name of the target. The application then finds records and displays them.

Where are free public records available?

You can find free public records from government agencies, health departments, and courthouses. Moreover, the National Archives provides military records and the Department of Corrections (DOC) also exhibits inmates' records.

Is it possible to carry a free background search?

Yes, Google is a free public search engine that allows people to generally search for someone's background information. You can get their social media profiles, email addresses, and residential addresses.

However, the target might not have shared their details across any platforms or have not made their social media profiles. Thus, Google Search might not reveal such explicit information.

Give RealPeopleSearch a Try NOW

RealPeopleSearch allows you to extract the complete life history of someone with their name. You can get their criminal history, fraud details, felonies, court proceedings, and their business details with one search.

You don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the information. RealPeopleSearch gets the target’s information from various sources. This includes national and international databases, county records, courthouses, and government agencies.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter the suspicious target’s name and get his complete background history!