What Information Can a Reverse Phone Lookup Provide?

Identity of the Person

A phone number search finds the full name, gender, age, and date of birth of the target person. His basic identity can provide maximum insight into his personality.

Contact Information

The reverse number search can find the person’s contact information and official email address. You can also find his business contact number.

Alternate Phone Numbers

With a reverse number lookup, one can detect the unknown caller’s associated contact numbers. He can also access the target’s office contact information.

Social Media Profiles

A phone number lookup service also determines the individual’s social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.


This tool also exhibits detailed information on the current and past addresses of the directed individual.

Family Members

With an efficient reverse number lookup, you can access your target’s acquaintances, family members, and relatives.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a process that helps you reveal a person’s identity through his phone number. If you have received an unknown call, a reverse lookup tool can determine his identity.

The reverse phone lookup tools search through billions of records and databases to know about the caller's identity. Due to this powerful source, reverse phone applications fastly analyze the phone number's data and display it.

The phone number lookups can find the basic information of a target. The data includes his full name, residential address, date of birth, and age. You can also find the criminal information and court records of the target person.

Outdated evidence against someone can bring possible conflicts. It is the responsibility of a reverse lookup application to provide updated information.

With a phone number lookup, you can detect a scammer or any harasser that disturbs you with calls. So, if you have faced any scam or random calls, a reverse phone number lookup can solve your problem. You can find his authentic data and reach him individually.

How Does Reverse Phone Number Lookup Work?

The reverse phone number services provide information about a person via his phone number. You can gain a lot of profound data about any person. The gathered information depends on the type of cell phone used to make the call.

It includes cell phones, landlines, and VOIPs. It is easy to find landline and VOIPs users. However, a number is issued by mobile phone companies, which makes it difficult to access data from the database.

One can obtain relative information from a cell phone number which includes:

  • The city, location, and state of the area code via the first three digits of the phone number.
  • The company that owns the phone number.
  • The date when the target phone number came into use.
  • If the phone number is a cell phone number, landline number, or has any other official use.

The gathered information via a phone lookup service includes:

  • Complete name of the phone number holder.
  • Current and past residential addresses of the target.
  • Target’s current marital status.
  • Email addresses and other phone numbers of the individual.
  • Acquaintance, relatives, and friends of the person.
  • The old and new phone numbers, owner's court records, and criminal information.

Where Does This Data Come from?

You might be surprised to hear that there are different types of phone numbers. Before moving into what information users can obtain, you should know the different phone numbers.

There are three types of phone numbers. Landline numbers are the wired telephones, VOIP telephones that use Internet services, and Cell phone numbers that everyone has. It is historically possible to call 411 and provide the phone number of your target.

The assistant will provide you with the name and address of the target person. The information is provided by the carriers to companies, and it is also given to the Caller ID Companies.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology is provided by cable services. However, the VOIP companies don't add the information to database directories. If the VOIP subscriber himself enables the caller ID, then it is possible to access his publicly available information.

Cell phone numbers don't have specific directory assistance. The data is fetched from different resources. The lookups' algorithms search a huge amount of data online and compile it in the records and databases.

The phone number lookups buy information from various sources that contain people’s phone numbers and names.

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Possible Scenarios of Doing a Phone Number Search

Find Out Unknown Calls or Texts

Whenever you get a miss call from an unknown number, it makes you suspicious and urges you to find their identity. A reverse phone number lookup can assist you in catching that person.

Identify Spam Calls

The lookup phone number search can help you detect fake telemarketers, business organizations, and robocalls. You can save yourself from any inconvenience.

Keep Your Family Safe

If your family member is receiving suspicious calls or texting someone, a reverse phone search can reveal the individual’s identity.

Verify Online Date

Trusting someone online is tough these days. Searching your online date on a reverse phone lookup can get you to know of their true identity and criminal records.

How to Do a Reverse Phone Lookup via RealPeopleSearch?

To do a reverse phone number lookup, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: Select the “Phone Lookup” Service
To find the information of your target, tap the “Phone lookup” service from the homepage of RealPeopleSearch.
Step 2: Provide your Target’s Phone Number
In the appearing search bar, write your target individual’s accurate phone number. Now, click on the “Start Search” button and wait for the results.
Step 3: Access the Lookup Report
After searching through its database, RealPeopleSearch will deliver all the profiles that match the given information. Click on your target’s profile to gain his reverse lookup phone report.

Run a Phone Number Search by Area Code

Get access to complete information about certain phone numbers by the area codes below. You’ll be surprised how much you could find out about a phone number.

Find all USA area code here >>

Arm Yourself against the Telemarketing Scams with Reverse Phone Lookup

Spam or fake calls are so common these days that you need to know how to identify them. The spam callers often pose as representatives of tech, travel, retail, or government agencies. However, there are several warning signs that you should know in order to avoid a scam or fraud.

  • Business and Investment Scams: In this scam, the caller offers you a business deal and promises a big amount of profit if you invest. He would say that you will receive an agreement after you provide the big investment amount. Don’t trust their sweet words as such people always have a fraud agenda.

  • Charity Scams: Such scammers pose to be charity workers and ask you to collaborate or donate an immense amount to charity organizations. Ask them to provide their official website or their office address. Reach the address and be fully sure before donating money.

  • Imposter Scams: The scammer will pretend to be someone like the Police, IRS, friend, or family member in this scam. He will initiate the conversation in a familiar tone to receive your personal information or trap you. If the caller sounds too interfering and suspicious, hang the call.

  • Award and Lottery Scams: In this specific scam, the caller will claim that you have won a prize or a lottery. Just after this, he will ask you to pay the fees and contact another number. Protect yourself from such scams and ask about the evidence before you pay any fees.

  • Loans and Credit Repair Scams: Scammers will offer you to reduce your credit card interest taxes or will offer a loan on easy conditions. The caller will definitely ask you to pay the additional taxes before availing of the loan. But, make sure to not trust any unauthorized source to achieve loans.

RealPeopleSearch regularly informs its user base to protect itself against wrong callers and fake telemarketers. Be aware of an unknown call that pretends to be a telemarketer or a business organization. With RealPeopleSearch, you can look up a number and find if the caller is a scam or not. This phone number search finds the basic information as well as the criminal records and publicly available court proceedings.

Why Choose RealPeopleSearch Over a Free Search Engine?

  • Speedy Search

    The best lookup application delivers the information rapidly. RealPeopleSearch makes it obvious to provide the lookup report within a few minutes. Therefore, you can trust this service in urgent instances.

  • Complete Database

    RealPeopleSearch has a vast database engine that includes court reports, criminal history, arrest records, traffic information of people. The software exhibits maximum information due to its authentic and credible sources.

  • Accurate Information

    A lookup is only useful if it provides accurate data about people. RealPeopleSearch provides authentic and updated information about people's identities and backgrounds. Therefore, you can trust the service uncritically.

  • Transparency

    As per the FCRA, a legal lookup does not provide data to screen people. RealPeopleSearch provides a transparent policy to not misuse the information. Otherwise, it will be considered illegal.

See What Our Customers Have Found

I faced telemarketing fraud and lost my money to fake business investments. With the help of RealPeopleSearch, I identified the scammer and took legal actions against him.

- Stella, Arizona

I was receiving spam calls from different phone numbers regularly. I looked up the phone numbers on RealPeopleSearch and found that they were associated with a single person.

- Mateo, Virginia

I used the RealPeopleSearch application to look up my old neighbor with his old phone number. Finally, I was able to get his updated phone number and address. Thank you!

- Asher, Pennsylvania

A phone number across my phone repeatedly called me. Since it was bothering me, I used RealPeopleSearch and availed of its fast lookup service. It was a life-saver for me.

- Maya, Ohio

I faced telemarketing fraud and lost my money to fake business investments. With the help of RealPeopleSearch, I identified the scammer and took legal actions against him.

- Stella, Arizona

I was receiving spam calls from different phone numbers regularly. I looked up the phone numbers on RealPeopleSearch and found that they were associated with a single person.

- Mateo, Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for removing phone numbers from RealPeopleSearch's website?

For this reason, you should contact the Customer Support Service of RealPeopleSearch. It has a cooperative staff that will remove your phone number after your request.

Are there any cell phone apps available for reverse phone search?

If you want to conduct a phone search with mobile apps, TrueCaller and ShowCaller will be the best choices. These applications provide you with information about scam calls and unknown caller's identities.

How can I do a free phone number lookup search?

Google and different social media engines, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, provide free lookup information. You can find your target's name, email address, and residential information with these methods.

How can I recognize a spam number?

If the caller has fascinating offers, i.e., Loans, free travel tickets, or profit by investment, don't trust them. Know that such "too good to be true" situations are very rare and don't happen over a call.

How to recognize that a scammer is texting you?

If he is pretending to be a government agent or a telemarketer with huge offers, recognize the red flags. If he is claiming to be your relative but only asks for your information, he might be a scammer.

Start a Reverse Phone Number Lookup Now

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