What are Public Records?

Public records are documents that are designed or filed across public businesses or laws. These documents consist of general information that is not confidential to anyone. They are created by the government organization and are integrated by the law to keep them up-to-date.

These kinds of documents are recorded by public agencies, such as property or corporate records. However, physical files are also available for the public. As the name depicts, public records are information and details of the residents.

Their public activities and data are available for the public in this section. One can directly access them by simply making a request. Public records include everything about a person, such as criminal records, property details, court records, tax or licensing information, etc.

Some public records contain the government's actions and policies. They demand governed eligibility requirements to access them. However, the government does not allow the disclosure of any personal information of a person.

Use a RealPeopleSearch to Get Public Records

Nowadays, with the rise of scams and mistrust in several places, everyone prefers to go for public records before making any decision. The government organizations allow access to their public records. However, it can be a tiring and complicated process if you want to have valid records.

Besides all this, one can do a people search public records with the help of the RealPeopleSearch tool. It is a web-based public records search service that provides a guide on how to access public records.

Using this public records check service, the user can opt for the following searching methods.

Search By Name: RealPeopleSearch can extract the target's public records via 'Phone Search.' You need to enter the first and last name of the particular person to access all the information.

Search By Phone Number: The user has been provided with an option if he does not have other details but a phone number. Just by putting a phone number on the 'Phone Lookup,' the platform will search from its database. They can give you plenty of details enough to verify a person or business.

Search By Address: Find out your relative, friend, or neighbor by the 'Address Lookup' of the tool. Add the full residential address, city, or state to get detailed information on your target individual.

Search By Email ID: The emails are linked with social media or business accounts, you are able to get more clues about your target. Give an email address to the 'Email Lookup' in order to achieve all the public records of the target.

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Common Types of Public Records

  • Jail Records

    Jail records are maintained by the local police agency or county sheriff. It provides the arrest records and criminal records of a person. If you are unsure about someone’s current location, you can look into free public records for jails.

    These records are arrest records that can be accessed by anyone to verify the target's details. You can get to know about the convictions, arrests, and other related information that occur in the state or country.

  • Court Records

    All the happenings that occur in a courthouse are included in the court records of any country. After finishing a case, you can also examine the available summaries and documents of a court case. The users are able to check all the court penalties, proceedings, and details of your target in the court records.

  • Real Estate & Property Records

    Usually, the county assessors maintain the ownership, real estate, and property records. Such records contain information about the ownership of lands.

    Before buying any real estate, you can see the property or land owned by your targeted person. Moreover, it also includes the contracts and communication records.

  • Bankruptcy Records

    People can be filed if they suffer from bankruptcy. You can view the party name, case serial number, and jurisdiction in which a case was filed.

    These cases are filed in federal bankruptcy court, which provides you indexes to the cases and any other court filings. However, the user can also obtain the records on the PACER online index tool.

  • License Search

    Every state or country issues the licenses by a federal agency. These are approachable from an online search from any relatable website of any department. Radio operators can also be used to search from the FCC website.

  • Sex Offender Information

    You can access the sex offender information from any state's online registry. It involves sex-related crime or kidnapping. The information is completely available to the public.

    Users intend to solely protect themselves from those persons who have committed a sex offense. However, you can not use the sex offender information to threaten or harass another.

  • Corporation and LLC Ownership

    The corporation and LLC ownership is a type of public records search that combines the pass-through taxation of a partnership. You will get the LLC'S owner's details from the target's business's website. Well, this information is private in some states.

  • Births, Deaths, Divorces, and Marriages

    All the births, deaths, or marriage records are included as part of public records. Every death and birth is reported to the government in order to maintain the death/birth certificates. Usually, these certificates, which are less than 100 years old, can be accessed by specifically authorized persons.

    Similarly, marriage and divorce records tend to be kept as a record. They are helpful when you want to confirm the past relationships of someone.

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I used RealPeopleSearch to confirm the ownership of a property I wanted to buy. I found its owner and his contact information on this fantastic public record website.

- Joe, Missouri

I had an urge to find my long-lost best friend, who changed his address and phone number. With RealPeopleSearch, I was able to get his phone number and location.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of personal information is available for the public?

The personal information about any individual includes criminal records, arrest records, property records, land records, and other government policies. The general public can access all other confidential public records after getting authorized.

Who can access the public records?

Public records can be accessed by any person in their country or state. If you want to check out on your relative, friend, or business partner, then request the relevant authorities. They will help you to obtain the public records.

Is it possible to drop out of public records from your website?

Yes. For this purpose, the user should contact Customer Support and tell them about their privacy concerns. Later, all of your information will be removed from the RealPeopleSearch database.

How to access public records for free?

There are many government agencies and websites, such as census, county's court, or national archives websites. They allow you to locate public records for free at no charge to anyone.

Can Google help in searching the public records?

Mainly, Google can extract the basic information about the target individuals. But you can opt for the RealPeopleSearch tool to perform extensive public records search free, with valid and accurate reports.

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Visiting several departments to verify someone's details can be a daunting task. Therefore, RealPeopleSearch allows you to find anyone's criminal records, court records, marriage or divorce records. It is associated with credible data sources that provide you enough details without even knowing them.

Hence, going for the RealPeopleSearch for public records can make tasks easier and save you from a lot of cost. Start your searching public records right now!