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Have you ever witnessed a situation where it’s difficult to decide whether you should trust a person or not? Well, all of us have gone through this dilemma where we don’t know much about the opposite person.

You might plan to buy something online, but you don't know the seller. Your child has made a new friend, but you don't know his friend's family background. You have new neighbors that seem suspicious to you.

Or else, you have made a new online friend and hardly know about his background. What will be your next step with people search tools? Whatsoever, verifying the other person properly before trusting him is an ultimate wise step.

Therefore, the article will describe the 10 best background check services that can provide you with valuable information about people.

We will discuss the following best background check website to get a clear grasp of the solution:


RealPeopleSearch is the best online background check tool that helps in verifying a person’s background information. The service provides authentic information about the target’s identity, including his phone number and age. You can also find his friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

RealPeopleSearch also helps in finding the target person’s social media profiles. This information can bring a lot of valuable data about the target. You can find the suspicious person’s location, photos, workplaces, and educational information via his social media profiles.

If you are worried about the credibility of someone’s background, then RealPeopleSearch is an excellent source to confirm it. You can find your new friend’s address and their contact numbers. It also helps in determining the arrest records of the target person.

The application has huge interlinking with various databases. It gathers the records from those databases and compiles them in a report. The report is then shown to the user that contains the whole background of his directed person.

RealPeopleSearch’s filtering option will filter down the irrelevant profiles. So, you can detect your target’s profile easily.


CocoFinder is another reliable source to get information about your target’s background. It is a user-friendly service that does not cost much to exhibit a report. CocoFinder helps in finding the target’s basic background information like contact details, date of birth, and age.

If you are suspicious of your neighbor, run this service and find their valid background details. You can also find the person's criminal records, including felonies, crimes, arrest records, and court proceedings.

To get all of this background data, you only need to go to the official website of CocoFinder. Add your target’s first name, last name, city, and select his residential state. After some time, the individual will get all the profiles with matching information.

You can select your individual’s profile and observe his background information. The background service is only useless if it depicts updated data. Therefore, this background check website has new and updated records with 100% originality.

It does not include any baseless information in the background reports. The application has advanced filtering options. You don’t have to continuously scroll down to find your target’s profile among the suggested profiles.


Most employers face scams and other problems from their new employees. This is because of the contributed negligence while examining the new employee's records. HireRight is a background check service that gives a right to check people's records before hiring them.

The software provides a criminal history of the target person. You can find his educational institutes and all the verified degrees. With this easy way, you can confirm if the candidate is true with his identity and information or not.

Some of the organizations use public records search engines before hiring a new individual for any job. However, search engines do not always provide authentic and credible information. With HireRight, you don't have to worry about the reliability of the data.

We contain verified information from many sources, including national data, court records, and arrest statistics within the state. Via HireRight, the user gets confidence and never gets second thoughts while hiring any employee.


BACKGROUNDCHECKS.COM offers to run the service on anyone, including yourself or an employee. People wonder how they would be portrayed if anyone looks up their name on lookup services. This software helps people know their publicly available information.

Moreover, background check online offers background services to check employees in different businesses. After entering their names, the application will display their criminal and educational records.

You can check the court proceedings and all the warrants against that person. However, the local or international criminal records take 2-3 days to deliver the report. The application must find records from courts of the respective region, which requires time.

Besides being a time-taking procedure, there are higher chances of finding true information about the respective employees. You can verify different employees' backgrounds and continue your business smoothly without making any wrong decisions.


Checkr delivers the most advanced background checking solution in the market. You can find the educational information, criminal history, drug and health data, and driver license history.

The background check service offers national and international records containing the target person's criminal data. Moreover, it also recognizes the fitness information and eligibility of the candidate via the legal court records.

If you are doubtful that the employee has been involved in drug addiction and fraud cases, use Checkr service. Verify the employee’s certificates and scholarships before making any decision.

You can carry a fitness test on the individual to check his eligibility for the job. The user can also ensure his employee’s experience, knowledge, and legal edibility for the job and organization. Checkr finds the gaps between the target’s career and salary package in all jobs.

All of the provided information by this background check site is double-checked under FCRA compliance. The software transparently informs that the information should not be used for illegal purposes.

Instant Checkmate

As obvious from the name, this tool offers help in checking your new mates, friends, and neighbors instantly. If you are worried about your child’s company, search with their name on Instant Checkmate’s background service.

The best background checker will provide an extensive and affordable criminal report. It will contain their recent arrest records, traffic, and criminal data. If the target person is involved in addiction, robbery, or any unlawful act, the report will show it.

The application cares about its users’ identity and information. Therefore, it does not track unnecessary information on its servers. No one will ever know about the user’s identity or the directed individual’s report.

However, Instant Checkmate is truly a transparent service. It warns the user base not to use the provided information against someone, i.e., for employment or tenant screening.

If the rules get disobeyed, strict legal actions will be taken. Instant Checkmate will not show any sort of cooperation with the user person.


With TruthFinder, you can reveal the truth and expose the truth right away. If you are distrustful of any relatives, co-workers, and neighbors, TruthFinder can reveal their true faces. The service will inform you about his true identity, phone numbers, location, and known aliases.

If he has registered his illegal business on the phone number, TruthFinder will also compose it in the report. Moreover, you can find the target’s criminal records via national and international databases, arrest data, court and civil records.

The software will depict the target person's social media profiles. If the individual has web pages, Wikipedia, or blogs, you can find them in the report. In the criminal history, you will find the offense date and description, location of the crime, and charge category.

The background report of TruthFinder has a property records portion. You will find the target’s currently owned lands, sale amount, total value, mortgage, owned vehicles, and property tax. If he has licensed weapons, you will know about their information.

Moreover, TruthFinder also informs about the target’s professional licenses. You can get a detailed report with TruthFinder in a very limited time.


BeenVerified is the best criminal background check to find anyone’s authentic background information. By entering the individual’s full name, you can avail a summary of his whole life. The software offers to verify your target’s complete identity.

You can find his phone numbers, social media profiles, known aliases, residential information, and age. Moreover, the application also fetches his criminal history, including burglary, jail records, and arrest information.

BeenVerified is linked with multiple criminal directories, arrest records, judicial records, and court data of the state. Therefore, if the target person has a real connection with any criminal activity, the software will find it.

BeenVerified offers different ways to find the target individual. If you know his name, phone number, address, or even vehicle number, BeenVerified can assist you. You can search yourself on BeenVerified and find your publically available data.

This service can contribute to reconnecting your loved ones and old acquaintances all over again. You just have to do a background search via their name. The background report will convey his address information and contact number. Rekindle old relationships and verify the new ones with BeenVerified.


PeopleFinders is an online background check platform that has multiple advanced options to search for someone. The software has cooperative customer support that is always there to help users and answer their queries.

This background check tool finds criminal information of people, i.e., violence, sex crimes, fraud cases, and burglary. This data is found by national criminal records. Moreover, one can check the online buyer or seller with PeopleFinders’ background check tool.

It shows the fraud cases of the target person in the report. After verifying the seller, you can trust him and buy multiple products without hesitating. A professional license background check is another form that assists in finding the validity of licenses and certificates.

Moreover, you can also run a self-background with PeopleFinders and observe your information. The application has another advantage that people can call customer service to remove their information from the website.

PeopleFinders will quickly remove the person's data due to privacy concerns. Using PeopleFinders once can remove your doubts and suspicions about people. You will know who your loyal friend is and who is pretending to be one.

US Search

US Search is a background check tool for citizens of the United States. This background check service helps verify people's given information. You can find the correct address of your old friend.

It also assists in finding social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter via the target’s full name. You can get the individual's criminal information along with the place of crime, description, and time of the crime.

The application provides efficient security to the users. The connection is encrypted, and no information is tracked between the search procedures. The software does not store search history, and it will get removed after 24 hours of the carried search.

With this tool, you can get property records of people along with the sale amount, worth, and mortgage. Furthermore, one can get their business information and email addresses. This is an easy and efficient way to detect harassers via their names.

After finding their phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses, one can confront them and take legal action against them.

Last Words

The article concludes 10 best background check websites. One can find the relevant information in more than one way. If you know the target's name, phone number, or address, the best background check website is here to help.

All of these services use public search engines, national and international databases, and court records to find background information. Therefore, the reports depict true and updated records of people.

Anyone using one of these services to check someone's background will surely get valuable and credible information.