Do's & Don'ts

  • Self-Search

    Look up yourself to check your online reputation. Know what people would see if they run a lookup search on you.

  • Search on a New Neighbor

    Moved to another house and want to discover about your neighbors? You can use RealPeopleSearch to find the identity and records of your neighbors.

  • Look for Your Family

    With RealPeopleSearch, you can check the records of your family members and know their past troubles.

  • Check Your Children’s Friends

    Do you get worried about your child’s company and with whom do they spend their day? RealPeopleSearch is here for you to protect your children.

  • Find the Locations

    RealPeopleSearch can help you find the location of any new place. Locate your acquaintance to send them invitations.

  • Find Criminals in Your Circle

    Are you curious to check your neighbors’ or social media friends’ criminal records? RealPeopleSearch can help you to be familiar with your social circle.

  • Get Public Records

    Checking public records online is a lot better than going to courts and finding their court records. With RealPeopleSearch, you can find his complete court history compiled in one place.

  • Find Lost People

    You can use the service to find your lost friends or relatives. Look up their address, phone numbers, and other information to access them.

  • Verify Online Date

    RealPeopleSearch provides users with the ability to verify their online date’s information. Users can easily look into the details of the bio of the person with whom they’ve planned to meet.

  • Educational Screening

    RealPeopleSearch does not allow its services for educational screening purposes like scholarships and other academic pursuits.

  • Stalk Your Crush

    Stalking someone is extraordinarily disgusting and a punishable act under the law. Don't use the services to find your crush's residential address, social profile, or phone number.

  • Business Transaction

    The service prohibits determining transactions, benefits, a list of employees, or privileges of any business organization.

  • Employment Screening

    RealPeopleSearch is not allowed to screen employees. Users can look onto different FCRA compliant platforms for carrying this out.

  • Insurance/Credit Information

    You cannot use the RealPeopleSearch service to check someone’s existing credit requirements or their extended mortgage.

  • Professional Services Screening

    You cannot use the service to lookup or screen the professional service providers. It includes teachers, doctors, and personal trainers, etc.

  • Forcefully Contact People

    Know that if a person has clearly stated his boundaries, you can’t contact him against his will. So, don’t use RealPeopleSearch to find their phone numbers or addresses.

  • Identity Theft

    Identity theft is considered an extremely unlawful act in the state. Using the lookup service for stealing someone's information is highly forbidden.

  • Household Workers Screening

    You cannot use the RealPeopleSearch to screen the household workers. It includes caretakers, drivers, nannies, or any other domestic workers.