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A phone number lookup is an easy way to dig up facts about people through their phone numbers. The service requires the target's phone number along with its city, state, and zip code. It, then, fetches all the publically available data of that person.

It is eligible to find the full name, age, phone numbers, social profiles, and background information of the target. You can easily catch your lost friend's contact information and your partner's background records with this service.

How Does Phone Number Lookup Service Work?

Some reverse number lookup services are connected with different phone networks. They also get information from public records, data brokers, and other proprietary sources. So, they have data on the majority of phone numbers within the state.

The other phone number lookup by name services are connected with database directories and public records. These search directories deliver information to reverse lookup services.


With RealPeopleSearch’s phone lookup service, you can instantly find who's calling you from an unknown number. If you search the individual’s phone number on this service, it will show his actual identity.

The service will depict his alternative phone numbers and associated relatives. You can find his arrest records, court records, felonies, marriage records, and address information.

Pros of RealPeopleSearch

  • RealPeopleSearch finds accurate information about a person's educational background and employment history.
  • Its White Pages are an advanced phonebook that helps you know the target’s identity and email addresses.
  • The service is an efficient way to check your partner’s past affairs, marriage records, and registration on dating applications.
  • Different public records are only capable of finding basic information. However, RealPeopleSearch provides a detailed insight into a person's past and current life.

Cons of RealPeopleSearch

Its phone lookup service sometimes lacks accurate information such as social profiles links.


CocoFinder is a powerful phone lookup service that provides accurate data of the target with his phone number. This service helps the user find his target's correct past and present residential contacts. If the person has changed his phone number, you can access it with his old contact information.

It is a very useful phone lookup service to check public records of unknown people and spam callers.

Advantages of CocoFinder

  • CocoFinder has an extensive database directory that can retrieve information as old as 20 years.
  • This lookup service always updates the records with new information. This saves the user from misunderstandings and wrong portrayal of their loved ones.
  • It has a search by name service that delivers information of people by their name. It finds their social media handles, residential information, and phone numbers.
  • CocoFinder has made searching a lot easier. It has an easy-to-use website that any person can operate.

Disadvantages of CocoFinder

The search time is a bit slower when compared to conventional search engines like Google.


NumLookup has a reverse phone lookup service that demands the target's phone number and zip code. It is a completely friendly phone service associated with mobile phone carriers and different search engines. With NumLookup, you can search for your target and locate his public records any where.

Merits of NumLookup

  • It has a Spy Dial feature that anonymously dials the call to the target person. You can find who calls you with NumLookup easily.
  • Its White Pages service helps people find accurate target contact information, relatives, and social media profiles.
  • NumLookup also has a Spy Text service that secretly delivers your message to any person.
  • It has an easy-to-navigate website. You can operate it without having any professional knowledge.

Demerits of NumLookup

  • As the application is free of cost, it does not have enough phone records. So, it does not always deliver the information.
  • This service sometimes provides incorrect residential contact information of people.


WhitePages is a large lookup network that offers people search, reverse phone lookup, and reverse address services. If you have any data of your target, even his name, WhitePages has a lot to help you with. This useful service has a large database connection and delivers factual information.

Acknowledgments of WhitePages

  • This application is on the top to identify the criminal records of individuals. If the person has worked as a drug dealer, the report will show it.
  • It is a detailed information provider. You can find your complete summary of the target’s whole life.
  • This service obeys the user's privacy and does not reveal its users’ identity no matter what.
  • This service also has mobile apps for both Android and iOS users.

Why is WhitePages Not for All?

  • The application has deceptive fee practices.
  • With WhitePages, you have to wait much longer to access your target's background report.


Spokeo is an established lookup website that shows the true results of people. It does not sensationalize any potential results and shows the information as it is. The website is successful, with over 18 million users around the world.

Assistances of Spokeo

  • Spokeo has many ways to provide information about your target. If you know your target's complete name, the service can be a piece of the great information provided to you.
  • You can find your target’s educational background and his employment history with Spokeo.
  • You can identify the fraud email accounts with Spokeo. Its email lookup service reveals the target’s location and name.
  • It is a reassuring site that allows you to remove your information from the history through a request option.

Detriments of Spokeo

  • Spokeo is a very expensive website. Even a single report can cost you about $50, which is a lot.
  • If you don’t request to remove your information, Spokeo will appear on the billing statements.


NumLooker is used to identify the fraud and scam business organizations behind any phone call. You only need to enter the phone number in the search bar. Then, the service will show the associated person with that phone number.

It helps to catch people with a criminal background or any fraud history. NumLooker generates a complete confidential report of the target person. The report includes his basic information and his association with different people and businesses.

Upright Points

  • It tells the identity of harassers so you can block them everywhere or take action against them.
  • It provides detailed reports of target people, including their property records, marriage, and death records.
  • The service easily provides all the details via different public search engines. You don’t have to wait for a longer time to get the report.

Downsize Reviews

  • It does not have plenty of information. It is only useful to give basic information about people like their names, age, and social media accounts.
  • It shows the unwanted information in the reports. It would be better if they keep the reports precise and accurate.


USPhoneBook is a lookup website that contains personal information of people and billions of records. All of the records are related to US citizens. The personal and social information records include people's relations, education, employment details, and residential numbers.

However, the USPhoneBook does not provide all the information that covers the target’s personal life. This is due to the privacy concerns of people. However, it does give a good view of who calls you repeatedly.

Advantages of USPhoneBook

  • The application is transparent about its services. It warns the users not to use any information to demean someone.
  • With a USPhoneBook, you are in a safe space. If you want to remove your search data from their website, their customer service will remove it for you.
  • The application is associated with trustworthy sources. Therefore, it always delivers quality data.
  • You can find the target's accessible personal information, property records, and educational data.

Disadvantages of USPhoneBook

  • Due to privacy concerns, the USPhoneBook does not provide sufficient data. Sometimes, the provided data might not be very important for you.
  • It does not have excellent customer service. They don't solve problems quickly, which is disappointing.

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is a renowned free phone number lookup service in the market. It supports all US-based numbers. It finds people with their name, phone number, residential address, and email address.

The phone lookup service also allows people to make an anonymous missed call. You can type the phone number in the search bar and see the details of its owner.


  • If you provide your target's email address, the service will find his family and educational background.
  • The address lookup of the Spy Dialer provides the selling price and the net worth of the property. You can also get records of previous and current residents.
  • It is free of cost service and provides plenty of target data.
  • Its special spy call feature helps in finding the location of the target phone.


  • Although it is a free-to-use service, it is a public search. Hence, it lacks much important information about people.
  • If you use the spy call feature, the target will receive the notification, which seems unsafe.


With TruthFinder, you can avail an extensive report of your target covering every bit of his records. TruthFinder finds the personal details of people like their complete name, known aliases, and age. You can get the target's detailed social media information, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Moreover, TruthFinder can also detect the approximate location of the phone number at that time. It has an ultimate connection with national and international database directories and public search engines. Hence, it finds accurate and updated information.

Plus points of TruthFinder

  • It has a good user experience, and all users seem to be happy with its background reports.
  • TruthFinder has an upfront and transparent policy. In line with FCRA, the service defines the limits of using the phone lookup information.
  • This service has an advanced phonebook feature called White Pages. When you type the number in it, it will inform you about the owner's residence and email address.
  • With TruthFinder, you can avail the job and educational information of your target individual.

Defects of TruthFinder

  • TruthFinder does not offer the one-time usage option. People repeatedly have to buy a subscription.
  • TruthFinder is a premium service. It costs a lot of money; therefore, it is not affordable for everyone.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a premium service that provides reverse phone lookup, background check, and people search. It tells if the person has any past criminal activity record. It has a simple interface where you have to dial the phone number of your target person.

It then detects all the data associated with the number through different public records and databases.

Assistances of Instant Checkmate

  • The service does not record any user information on its servers. Even its employees are not exposed to users; identities.
  • If any business or financial loan is associated with the given phone number, Instant Checkmate shows it.
  • Instant Checkmate finds the criminal record of people that includes arrest records, felonies, and court records.
  • This service delivers updated records. No information is outdated or incorrect, which makes it a trustworthy service.

Detriments of Instant Checkmate

  • Most of the records are fetched from public records. So, without paying a high price for that information, one can get a little from it.
  • The service takes a lot of time to construct and deliver the report. Most of the time, the service crashes in between the processing.


Intelius provides a proficient way to get the residential and contact information of your long-lost friend or acquaintance. Even if the target person has changed his number, Intelius finds the person with his old phone number. With Intelius, you don't have to worry about the accuracy of given information.

This service makes it obvious to only show the updated record. You can get the dark web information and see if your data is being stolen with proof. Moreover, it is an easy task for Intelius to get the target's identity and background information.

Pros of Intelius

  • The phone lookup service of Intelius provides the business, financial loan, and educational information of the people.
  • It offers a lot of search options for its users. You can search people by their name, phone number, address, and email address.
  • The excellent customer service of Intelius is always there to solve people’s problems and answer their queries.
  • With Intelius, you will get detailed and in-depth information about the user.

Cons of Intelius

  • The user base does not seem to be happy with Intelius' service. People always have a problem with their reports.
  • It lacks enough pricing information for its users. This makes them buy an expensive subscription as compared to the information they need.


ZLookup is a completely free lookup website. It is associated with public records and delivers the information right away. A phone lookup feature asks the user to enter the target’s phone number and state.

The call feature of ZLookup allows people to anonymously call their target person. After a few seconds of calling them, the software will show the data of the owner.

Beneficial Features of ZLookup

  • It delivers basic information like the name, social profiles, and residence of the target.
  • It is a free of cost service that tends to deliver more data than many other public search services.
  • ZLookup offers its services across many countries. Therefore, its services are not limited, and anyone can avail of them for free.
  • The service informs about the target’s social media details. His social profiles can provide you with their pictures, friends, and interests.

Minus Points of ZLookup

  • ZLookup is a free service; therefore, it sometimes provides outdated or less information.
  • The service sometimes shows inaccurate social media links of people. The inaccuracy of ZLookup has lowered the trust in its users.

The Bottom Line

The article has concluded a detailed review on phone number lookup services. You can get quality information from the mentioned free phone number lookup no charge software. If you are interested in knowing your former friends' details, these services can do it for you.

You can find the background information of people by searching them with their phone numbers. Anyone who wants to know about the phone number lookup by name will get useful information from the article.