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Curious to find who lives at an address? This article is going to guide you on this matter thoroughly. There are many reasons why one can feel the need to get more information about any house.

You might be new to a place and want to explore more about your neighbors. In contrast, you may want to buy a house, but you require a history of the property before purchasing it.

In another scenario, you could feel weird about certain people. This will make you curious to know who lives at this address for searching. In all these situations, a trustworthy reverse address lookup service will be the solution.

Here, we will discuss how to find out who lives at an address by following different approaches.

Use a Reverse Address Lookup Service

RealPeopleSearch is a reverse address lookup service that helps people find out information about a specific property. You can find out the legal matters, current and past ownerships of any house by the address.

RealPeopleSearch is connected to various national and international database directories. These public records have data about all the properties present in the state. The reverse address lookup service takes minimum data; however, it delivers massive information about the target place.

How to Find Information on a Property with RealPeopleSearch?

Abide by the following easy step-to-step guide to finding out who lives at an address with RealPeopleSearch:

Step 1: Give the Accurate Address

Initially, the user needs to access the official website of RealPeopleSearch from the browser. From there, tap on “Address Lookup". Enter the address of the target, city and click on the "Start Search” button to initiate a search.

Step 2: Filter Down the Search Results

After some moments, you will be delivered with all the profiles matching the given information. Filter down the irrelevant profiles and click on the “Access Report” on the target profile to acquire the report.

Step 3: Download and Examine the Report

You need to provide your email address to get further updates. Clear the payment procedure to access the target report. Now, tap on the “View My Report” to get all the needed information.

What Information Can be Accessed by RealPeopleSearch?

With this reverse address lookup service, you can procure the complete history of any property. The report will provide you with the following data about the people living in the target house:

  • Full Name
  • Criminal Records
  • Relatives
  • Age
  • Phone Numbers
  • Birth and Death Records
  • Previous Addresses
  • Social Media Accounts including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

The depicted information about the target property would include:

  • The Year Home has Built
  • Estimated Home Value
  • Square Footage
  • Number of Rooms in the House
  • Local Area Code
  • Net-Worth

Try Search Engines & Social Profile

Using search engines and social media profiles is an advantageous way to find someone with their address. Here, we will acknowledge how to find who lives at an address with these approaches.

Search Engine

Search engines such as Google can also help you to find out who lives at an address. Do it by using Google search operators. It is a modern technique that extends the search capability and locates information easily.

Write the name of the target person and address on the search engine to obtain specific information. You can also include the zip code, state, and country of the target location. Using a search operator of quotes (") works well on Google.

If you write an address in the quotes, Google will only deliver the information associated with that address. This liberates the user from filtering unlimited and useless data. You would’ve to search multiple versions of the address as there is no specific structure to write an address.

Social Media Profiles

People post their addresses on social media handles like Facebook. If you know the person's name and country of residence, you can detect their Facebook profile.

Facebook allows people to filter the search results by city and country. You can access the target’s profile and get their educational history, photos, and other information easily.

Moreover, LinkedIn helps to find the education and workplaces of the target person if you know his/her name. You can also confirm his/her general location. However, these techniques will only work if you know the name of your target person.

Use Google Maps

Google Maps contain satellite imagery, mapping services, and street view services that help in locating a specific address. To find out an address, enter the street name, street number, city, and state in the address bar. Now, press the “Enter” button.

Google Maps give you the privilege to enter addresses of any country. You just need to provide the country's name, and Google will autofill to show the closest match options. After the map provides the view, you can observe the streets, addresses, businesses, and landmarks of the location.

Try Estate/Retail Marketplace Websites

Estate/Retail marketplace websites are also a helpful source to find information about any address. Realtor is a retail marketplace website that allows people to receive information about any address easily. You need to enter the address, zip code, city, and country of the target property.

The website will inform you of the square footage and net worth of the house. It also provides information like neighbors' background, crime rates on the street, and information about the schools.

Through County's Government Website/Courthouse

The country's government website can also provide you with information to find who lives at an address. After reaching the website, find the section that provides property information. Enter the complete address, city of the property, and click the "Start Search" button.

The country's courthouse also possesses information about lands and located properties on them. The courthouse's files will contain tax information, mortgage records, net worth, and the names of the property’s owners.

Please, keep in mind that you might or might not find information with these approaches.

The Bottom Line

The article concludes a guide on how to know who lives at this address by searching with 5 different ways. RealPeopleSearch is the most appropriate and efficient way to find accurate details about someone with their address.

It takes very little time and delivers tons of valuable data about property and property owners. You can also use different search engines, Google Maps, Retail and government websites, and courthouses to get the information.

Anyone reading the article will get an all-out guide to find out who lives on their street.