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There are certain situations when you want to follow them to see if everything’s good or not. There might be someone who’s caught your eye, and now you want to check if they are married. However, you can't ask them directly to make things awkward.

Therefore, search for secretive ways on how to find out if someone is married. Several people search tools offer efficient background check features to tell the actual matter. This article will discuss several methods that help reveal the important facts about someone's marriage.

Find Out If Someone Is Married Using RealPeopleSearch

Sometimes you need to check your fiancée or your new love interest to learn about their marriage license records. It seems like a matter of public records, which means going to the courthouse and asking about anyone's marriage records.

This approach, however, has become difficult since the records are older or limited. Finding someone's marriage is never easy. Fortunately, RealPeopleSearch offers you its online services on how to find out if someone is married.

It is a secure and reliable tool to search your target person's records through the official directories. RealPeopleSearch provides a comprehensive report including all the present and past information about a person.

Linked with credible data sources and various public records, it aims to gather all the legit details. Generally, the information includes court or criminal records, addresses, relatives, marital status, or contact numbers.

Such details help to see who is married secretly, with whom and where he lives currently.

Step 1: Go to the ‘People Search’ section of the RealPeopleSearch tool. Enter the first and last name of the person and city in the related fields. Then click 'Start Search.'

Step 2: The tool will access and show all the relevant records with your entered information. Filter the search results and choose the matched profile. Now tap the 'Access Report' to analyze the report.

Step 3: Provide your email address and credit card information and click 'View My Report.' After a few seconds, you can view the full report with some interesting details that may lead you to your target's spouses.

It includes full name, past and present addresses, email address, social media profiles, possible relatives, divorce, or marriage records.

Check Their Social Media Posts

Other than checking the marriage records, you can also use social media to find out if someone is married or not. Social media posts and online interest gives you clues that might be helpful to know about their marital status.

You can use reverse image search to reveal the hidden profiles. By uploading the images on a Google images search bar, the user will get similar results photos. However, Facebook and Instagram will also uncover relevant information about someone's marriage.

Most people on Facebook keep their posts private, but still, you can see their cover photo and profile photo. Type the name of a person that you are searching for details. Turn by turn, add the terms 'photos of, photos by, posts by, or posts of' with the name.

Doing this will show the posts done by that person himself or his tagged photos by someone else. Check the tagged persons or read the captions that might include the details about his marital status.

Creeping on Instagram profiles might be tricky. Most people go for fake accounts to keep a check on someone. If your target person has a private account, then change your username and profile to get into the profile.

You will have access to almost everything if the account is public. Check the following and followers that give you clues about their life. The tagging section also shows the details of a person with whom they are spending days.

Visit the Courthouse for a Marriage Certificate

Many cities or states hold the marriage details in their public records. It can be useful to check the marriage history of a target individual. You can visit the courthouse of a certain city where the marriage possibly occurred.

As these marriage records are open as public records, you can access them at a low rate. Make sure that you know the person's real name, state, or province of marriage. Learn the state and city rules because not all the information can be made available to the public.

In some other cases, check the divorce records too. Maybe the marriage of the target person does not exist anymore. Although, some online websites gather nationwide public records that might be more expensive than public records.

These sites tend to be more convenient than a local search. You can request to approach a marriage record at the CDC.gov site.

Sometimes there are tough restrictions to access marriage records unless you have legal purposes. However, an extensive search is required to find the location of a person.

Search Through Wedding Gift Registries

Several other ways can also be taken into notice to find marriage records. If you cannot find marriage records through public records or social media, then search through wedding gift registries. This approach might intrigue you; how do I find out if someone is married.

There are more chances to view the relevant marriage record if it took place in the last five or fewer years. They have all the data and information about past weddings. Enter the person's full name and know about their wedding guests, gifts, and other wedding items.

Wedding registry sites have compiled all their registries into a streamlined checklist to make an easier approach for everyone. Moreover, you will get the name of the person's spouse, wedding venue, and date. The leading wedding registries are Macy's, WeddingWire, The Knot, William Sonoma, and Pottery Barn.

Hire a Private Investigator

If you are a busy person and want to save time and effort, hire a private investigator. This is the simplest way to find the marriage of someone. Private investigators have all the right knowledge and access to the resources.

They can reveal interesting facts even if they don't know the initial details. A well-experienced investigator can find out if the target person has owned the properties jointly or alone. Hiring them might be a costly approach for some people.

Private investigators begin the process of how to see if someone is married via background checks. The expert and qualified investigator will likely perform better to uncover the truth.

The details and data from the special databases will show if a person they are investigating is married or not. Moreover, there are possibilities of marriage if they have been living with someone or share any property.

Clues to Show That Someone May Be Married

Whatever the matter is, a person must show some red flags that we shouldn't ignore. A cheater leaves clues through which you can trace him. Similarly, we can't judge whether a person is married or not.

Well, it is easy to ask about their marital status, but there can be lies too. Several other ways help you to know the answer of how to find if someone is married.

Clue 1: When you meet a person for the first time, look for the things that might indicate you. Some married persons opt for this trick to show they are single. Observe the left ring finger for the tan lines.

If you see something there, an individual may have removed the ring recently. It could also lead to the point that he is recently separated or divorced.

Clue 2: Avoiding someone could be hurtful to anyone. It is a big red flag if a person avoids doing hangouts with you. It might be he was trying to hide you from his family or wife. Ignoring phone calls or messages is another sign that a person is married.

Clue 3: Try to listen to the views of a person on marriages. Do they take interest or talk often about someone?

You need to observe them and see how they spend their free time. Ask about their activities on the weekend. This can give you some crucial clues.

Clue 4: Stalking on social media is a great approach to determine the marital status of anyone. Social apps list the relationship status and allow the pictures to post. Search the tagged accounts to see if you are connected with them or not.

Clue 5: In some cases, an individual does not allow you to come to their place or prefer to hang out somewhere outside. Such situations give a clue about their marriage already.

Clue 6: Someone might be married if you see them for a limited time. Check if they want to spend time outside at night on the weekends. If they choose to do early meetings regularly, then they are making excuses only.

Wrapping Up

The above article has discussed various ways and solutions on how to find out if someone is married. There are easy and manual methods to check marital status, but this could be a daunting task.

RealPeopleSearch can make your lives easier and helps to find if someone is married or not. It is a reliable and accurate tool that provides all the records without your effort. However, one should also notice the red flags and clues.