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Online people finder services are offering some easy ways to access public records in Ohio. These records help find some public information about residents of Ohio state. The interesting thing is you can find any type of public records including criminal records, arrest records, public arrest records, and background check services in Ohio.

You can have dozens of reasons to check someone’s public and arrest records. Some people perform these checks to ensure the babysitter they hire is safe. Perhaps, the new teacher that you are considering hiring could have a criminal record?

That is why Ohio public records are getting more and more useful to the people living anywhere in the United States.

The main thing that decides whether you can check someone’s records is the law of that state. In this case, you need to know the Ohio public records law to understand the complete process to get access to that information.

Ohio Public Records Laws

Ohio has an interesting law regarding public records. The state considers public records as public property and gives everyone rights over this information. Anyone can apply for any kind of public information under the law of this state.

With the criminal record law in 1901, every citizen of the United States could request criminal records. However, we have seen some recent changes in the law that makes it harder to access it now.

Still, citizens can request their background reports or criminal records to make sure there is no incorrect information about them.

Types of Ohio Public Records

Like other states, Ohio offers access to different types of public records online and offline. Interestingly, the operations are trusted with a proper government agency- the Bureau of Crime Identification & Investigation (BCI&I). The good thing is you can quickly get the results of these background checks through the (BCI&I) office.

Here are a few types of Ohio records you can access through this agency:

Ohio Arrest Records(Criminal Records)

Arrest records in Ohio make up almost half of the online queries for public records. The Ohio government has several online portals where you can access the arrest records of a person. However, these records are a smaller part of a complete background check.

Thus, it is important to know what you are looking for to get the Ohio arrest records conveniently.

The Ohio arrest reports are detailed as you can find a description of the incident, date & time, charges filled, court date, and police interrogation of the person.

Ohio Vital Records

Ohio also focuses on providing the vital records of its citizens systematically. The state has trusted its department of health to make this information available to all the citizens of the United States. Thus, if you need to access someone’s birth records, marriage records, divorce records, or any other milestone of their life, you can get it from there.

You need to offer some basic information to get these records. You can offer either the location of the event, the full name of the person, the registration number of a document, or the case file number.

However, there’s an exception as the birth records from 1908 to 1964 are not available with the department. It is because the law was different at that time and they were managed by the Bureau of Vital statistics. In some rare cases, you can still access the Ohio vital records from there.

Ohio Inmate Records

These records include the public information related to the inmates in the state of Ohio. You can find some basic numbers like how many inmates are there in the Ohio prison right now. Also, you can access some specific information of an Inmate through the same platform.

The inmate record includes the following information:

  • Full name of the person
  • Mug shot
  • Location of the person (prison)
  • Transfer records
  • Custody status

Ohio Court Records

The case with the court records is a bit different in Ohio. Only the citizens of Ohio can access these records related to any case they want. This right is guaranteed by the Ohio open records law that was introduced in 1954. Still, there are some exceptions in some cases that can not be accessed by anyone other than the concerned parties or the government agencies.

The Ohio court records include:

  • Court sessions
  • Court files and documents
  • Judgment by the Jury
  • Witness documents
  • Date and time of various events

How to Access Ohio Public Records in Ohio?

If you want to access Ohio public records, you need to file for a specific request. For example, arrest and court records can be accessed by sending a request to the Bureau of Crime Identification & Investigation. On the other hand, vital records are usually available with the department of health in Ohio.

Thus, you need to decide what information you need and then follow these steps:

  • Mention your name, contact information, and mailing address
  • Cite the reason why you want to access the records
  • Mention the detail of records you want to access
  • Mode of delivery of the requested documents

You will be asked to pay the request fees to the concerned department. Thus, make sure to check the overall costs of getting this information.

Use RealePeopleSearch to Do a Background Check in Ohio

RealPeopleSearch offers another easy and reliable way to access someone’s public records. The tool focuses on the background check feature that lets you check someone’s criminal records, vital records, arrest records, and court trials.

The platform is trusted by millions of users with their online queries. The best part is you won’t need to wait for several days to get the required information. The platform shows you the required reports within a few minutes.

All you need is to enter the first and last name of the person to perform a background check. It may also ask you for the city and state name to find the profile instantly. After that, you can hit the search button, and it will create a report for you.

Refer to the report to check the complete background reports of a person.


Accessing the Public records in Ohio is an easy task when you know the exact steps. The state of Ohio has made it easier for anyone looking for public records. All you need is to send a request (offline or online) and wait for the department to share the reports with you.

It is important to have a proper reason to access these records. On the other hand, you can go with RealPeopleSearch to find this information without citing any reason.