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Do you think your partner has been married before? Marriage is a big leap of faith, so make sure you know everything about your future spouse first. Maybe you started doubting them when they refused to talk about their exes, or maybe you heard a rumor about them being divorced.

It’s okay to be curious about your partner’s history. You can find out if someone is divorced by searching for divorce records, visiting the courthouse, or using online tools to run a background check.

If you are wondering how to find out if someone is divorced, here are a few options:

Use RealPeopleSearch

You can find out if someone is divorced by using online search tools like RealPeopleSearch. This tool will conduct a thorough background check on your partner based on all available public records.

You can use the People Search feature on RealPeopleSearch.com to get a detailed report on anyone. Enter their first name, last name, and current city/state into the search bar. When a list of results shows up, you can add additional filters to narrow down your search.

Once you find your partner in the results, click on ‘Access Report.’ With RealPeopleSearch, you can access information like:

  • Aliases: If your partner has multiple last names, then they might be hiding a previous marriage. There’s no reason to change your last name unless you have something to hide.
  • Unfamiliar Relatives: You can check if your partner has any relatives with the same last name. If you have never heard of this family member, then they could be an ex-spouse instead.
  • Business Partner: Did your partner ever mention that they are the co-owner of a business enterprise? If not, then they might be hiding an ex-spouse / old business partner.
  • Residential Address: If you see an unfamiliar address on the report, then it is possible that your partner had an ex-spouse for a roommate.
  • Asset Ownership: Property ownership often gets split between partners upon divorce. Your partner might be divorced if they have legal associates or asset dealings.
  • Social Media: You can find out if your partner is divorced by looking for a wedding ring in their old photos.

You can find out if someone is divorced by checking court records for marriage. Previous addresses can also provide insight into where or with whom your partner lived in the past. If they have relatives with the same last name, you might want to ask if they have an ex-spouse.

Search the Divorced Record Online

Instead of just wondering how to check if someone is divorced, you can search online records.

You will need information such as the full name of either spouse or the city/state where they filed for divorce. If you don’t have these details, then you can assume that they filed for divorce in their current state. You can also run a nationwide search on some online divorced records, but they are not as accurate.

Follow these steps to find out if someone is divorced:

  • Go toopen-public-records.com and find a link to your local public court system’s website.
  • Click on the ‘Public Records’ tab and search for your partner’s name.
  • If they have filed for divorce, you will be able to find the divorce case number in their records.

However, this online search will not give you complete access to the divorce deed. For the legal document, you need to make a request to the local court. You will only be given the divorce decree if the state does not have a law against it.

Visit the Vital Statistics Office

To solve the mystery of how to find out if someone is divorced, you can also pay a visit to the Vital Statistics office.

You have two options:

Remember to contact the office in the county where the divorce was filed. If you don’t know the county, then you can visit the state Vital Statistics office and ask for further guidance.

Check your phonebook to find out what your local Vital Statistics office is called. In some counties, it might be known as “Public Health Office” or “Public Records Office.”

Once you find the right office, file for a records request. The paperwork will require you to fill in details like the spouses’ first and last names, date of divorce, and place of divorce. You will also be asked for your relationship with either the bride or groom and your signature.

Pay the processing fee of approximately $20 and wait to receive a follow-up call regarding the divorce paperwork. While you may have to wait a few months, this method will give you solid proof regarding the divorce.

If you are trying to find out if someone was divorced a long time ago, then visiting the Vital Statistics office is a good option. However, if you are not that patient, then searching online is more feasible.

Check their Social Media Status

Social media can reveal some surprising information. It is time to stop wondering how to find out if someone is divorced and start checking sites like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

First, you should check their relationship status on Facebook. Does it say single or divorced? If your partner forgot to update their status, it might still say ‘married.’

Next, you can look through their photos on Facebook and Instagram. If they have an ex-spouse, they might still have a wedding album or celebratory pictures uploaded on their profile.

Remember to check who comments on your partner’s photos. Is there someone with the same last name as them? If so, go to this person’s profile and check their relationship status, tagged photos, and recent statuses.

If your partner has a habit of tweeting regularly, check their Twitter account for clues of divorce. Maybe they tweeted about going to the courthouse recently, or anything related to an ex-spouse.

Final Thoughts

Still wondering how to find out if someone is divorced? There are many ways to reveal the darkest secrets of someone’s past. You can search for divorce records online, file a request at the vital statistics office, and even check their social media for old comments and pictures.

If you want a quick and authentic way to find out if someone is divorced, then you can use RealPeopleSearch.com. This easy-to-use site will search thousands of public records to find information about your partner.

Not only can you find out if someone was divorced before, but you can also check:

  • Arrest records
  • Court records
  • Traffic tickets
  • Criminal offense data