Personal Background Check on Myself

Have you ever felt a need to run a background check on yourself? You might be selected for an interview in a certain company. However, that company has some criteria that you might not reach. Moreover, you can be a part of a conflict that you have no connection with.

And you need to check if the arrest records or legal proceedings are revealed on your public records. What will you do? Your last resort would be carrying a fast search on yourself to clear your queries.

The article has a detailed answer to your “how to carry a background check on myself” questions. For this purpose, we will discuss the following aspects in this article:

Reasons for Conducting Self Background Checks

Reasons to do a self-background check depend on the person who is carrying the search. Some people randomly conduct it to check their publicly available information, while others have a purpose behind it.

Here, we will acknowledge important reasons to run a personal background check on yourself.

  • One can do homework by gathering public information. This can help in foreseeing different questions in the progress of tenant or employment screening.
  • A background check on yourself will help you know about errors in your public information, i.e., inaccurate criminal records. You can get a chance to correct them.
  • A self background check is better than individually gaining and managing your personal records from different sources.
  • It provides you with a report that you can share wherever required.
  • Sometimes, sealed information also comes up in a background check. If you have committed a crime in the past but the conviction gets expunged, run this service to confirm it.
  • By running an individual personal background check, you can gain control of your information and its accessibility to others.

What Should Include in Your Background Check

The advantage of conducting a self background check is that the information is all yours. You have a right to dispute any incorrect data about you. Here, we will recognize the information that should be included in the background report.

Credit Report
The background report includes the credit report indicating your payment history and debt details. It also exhibits the past and current loans, bankruptcies, civil judgments, and tax liens opposed to your property.
Specialized Lists
Some background reports contain confidential search reports reflecting sex-offending crimes. The report also has the gang name, number of gangsters, and suspected people of identity theft.
Education and Employment history
Many background check reports contain verified information about the target’s concerned educational institute. It is also a source to confirm whether the individual has worked with these organizations or not.
Social Security Number (SSN) Verification
Background checks also show the names linked with your SSN showing changes for marital or any legal purpose.
Address History
With Background checks, you can determine your current and past residential address' details. The report shows the net worth and area of the places. You can easily identify the address history associated with your name, phone number, or Social Security Number (SSN).
Criminal Background
The background report will also deliver the criminal sentences, probations, and arrest records. If you were arrested but not found guilty, the report would show it. Moreover, the report will transparently display your court proceedings and punishments in the past 7 years.

How to Do a Background Check on Yourself?

We have discussed the benefits and important information included in a background check report. Here, we will talk about how to run a background check on yourself with the best background check services.


RealPeopleSearch is recognized as the best source to run background checks on yourself. The application requires you to enter your complete name, city, and state in the search bar. After filtering other profiles, select your profile.

You will access your background report within minutes. The report will provide criminal records, address history, and social media profiles. You can also access your photos, acquaintance's details, and age. If you have arrest records, the application will also show them.

RealPeopleSearch is a reliable source to fetch information about yourself. It does not create or fake criminal records. All the provided data about yourself will be updated and correct.


With CocoFinder, you can fetch background details about yourself effortlessly. It has an easy-to-use interface that can be operated by anyone without having professional knowledge. CocoFinder compiles the important and relevant information in a report and displays it.

The report contains criminal records, felonies, bankruptcies, arrest records, warrants, and court proceedings. Moreover, it also shows your past and current residential information. If you have undergone property disputes, the report will also demonstrate it.

The application also finds your contact information. With this approach, you can determine your publically accessible phone number. Then, if you want to, you can remove specific information from the application’s website.


As recognizable from the name, TruthFinder is a considerable application to find the truth about yourself. If you have been in trouble associated with imprisonment, you can check your records on TruthFinder.

With this service, you can determine if you are a victim of identity theft. It finds traffic records, arrests records, criminal history, vital data, and court records of the target. Moreover, you can find your publically accessible relatives and acquaintances.

If you have more than one phone number, the report will also depict it. It gathers all your social media links, i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, in the report.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate provides instant information about your background via your complete name. If you have a curiosity to know what people can find about you, this service is a good option.

The application finds basic information about yourself, including your age, relatives, email address, and phone number. If you have associated your business with the public phone number, Instant Checkmate also displays it.

Instant Checkmate is associated with different database directories. These national and international databases have updated records about people within the state. Therefore, Instant Checkmate is always accurate with background information.

If you want to remove your personal information from the site, contact customer support to get data removed.

GoodHire (For Employment)

GoodHire helps in verifying educational information about candidates in an organization. With this feature, employers don't have to fear the inaccuracy of their employee's information. Good Hire helps you in verifying the claimed employment history and educational data of applicants.

You can find out if they have worked with certain companies or not. The application also displays the job title and the duration of a job with companies.

It provides the certificates from all the educational schools of the target. You can verify if they have actually studied from specific schools or not.

FAQs about Personal Background Check

1. Is It Legal To Do a Background Check For Personal Reason?

If you are conducting it on yourself to witness your data or tackle employment screening, then it is legal. However, running a background check on someone else without their permission is not allowed, but people perform it. However, you must not use the information to demean someone.

2. Can I Delete My Background Check Information?

It is not truly possible to delete your personal background check information. If you do so, there are multiple sources of collecting background information of people. Therefore, it will resurface from any other source.

3. Where Does the Information on a Background Report Come From?

All the information is fetched through public records. Many jurisdictions have allowed its easy access to people while others are trapped in a paper age. With suitable background checks, you can avail plenty of background information about anyone.

4. Can I Share My Background Check Results with Others?

Under the Washington Law, anyone can access conviction CHRI without any restriction. This means you can share your background check results with other people. However, anybody can access your criminal conviction details without your acknowledgment.

Final Words

The article has concluded how to get a background check on yourself for employment and other reasons with detail. We have acknowledged the reasons why someone wonders the ways to run a background check on myself.

5 important background check applications convey true basic and criminal information about people. With the explained ways, you can self background check yourself and clear suspicions on your portrayal in public.

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