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Undoubtedly, birthdays bring exciting moments for all of us, especially if your parents, partner, or friends join. Imagine if you forgot to arrange a surprise party or gift for your loved one? Well, this might be a hurtful act for someone, but what to do?

Of course, no one wishes to miss your birthday party. Therefore, find out the birth date and mark your calendars before the time. In this article, we will list down 7 easy ways on how to find someone’s birthday.

Find Someone's Birthday via Birthday Lookup Service

Suppose you have decided to throw a party for your friends or family but did not know the exact date. Sometimes you want to find the birthday of any person without even asking them. Well, it may cause you some difficulties if you take the risk of asking them personally. That's where you should turn to people lookup service.

Besides all of this, you can go for a birthday search tool, which helps you look for a birthday date anonymously. RealPeopleSearch is an effortless and efficient tool to get all the information about your target.

Just by entering the name and city, you can achieve a full report based on legit details. This platform helps to find out the birthday of any person without knowing them.

It checks all the valid sources and public records to provide basic information, including the birth date, city, or state. Moreover, RealPeopleSearch aims to extract all the minor details out of the data sources.

You can follow the steps of a birthday finder mentioned below to get to know about someone's birthday.

Step 1: Go to the Tool
From the main page of RealPeopleSearch, access the ‘People Search’ tool. Add the first and last name and city in the given space. Hit 'Search.’
Step 2: Narrow Down the Search Results
You can see hundreds of profiles after hitting the search button. Filter down the results to get closer to your relevant profile. After selecting, click the 'Access Report' option.
Step 3: Download and Analyze the Report
Here, you are prompted to enter your email address and credit card details. Choose 'View My Report' and get a comprehensive report on your targeted person. Now you can view the birth date and related information about your friend, family member, or a loved one.

How to Find Someone's Birthday Online

You don't need to struggle if your target person is a social media freak. Many people add their personal information including birth dates. Hence, there is a better chance to find someone's birthday.

Use Social Media

Here is how different social media sites help to find birthdays of your closed ones.


Facebook has millions of active users and provides better options to get your target person's information. It includes graduation, workplace, relationship status, or birthday. However, it's easy to find someone on Facebook and some people prefer to add their birthdays on Facebook.

Thinking about how to find someone's birthday? Here is an easy guide.

Step 1: Search the person's profile and open it.

Step 2: Click on the 'See User's Name About Info' option. This will show up all the basic information as well as the date of birth. You can also view the birthday-related photos from the relevant section.


As Instagram does not offer any section to look for someone's details, you can access it in many ways. Many people have mentioned their birthdays in the Instagram Bio section. Following this way, you can easily check your target's date of birth.

Step 1: From the Search option, enter the correct username of your target person. Or type the full name in case you don't know it.

Choose the relevant profile from a list of suggested profiles. People can also search for them from their followers or following list.

Step 2: Once you find your target profile on Instagram, open it. Check and see if they have mentioned their birthday in the bio. This approach does not require you to be your target's follower or even their public profile.


LinkedIn is another option to find birthday information, but it should be your last choice. The reason behind this is that it notifies its users if someone checks their profile. However, you can do a birthday search if the specific person is added to your network.

By following the below steps, you can reach your goal.

Step 1: From the main interface, click the 'My Network' option and go to 'Manage My Network.'

Step 2: Access your connections to select the relevant person's profile to know the birthday. Scroll down the page to see the Birthday heading. In addition, some people choose to hide their personal information.


Like other platforms, Twitter users can also add a birthday to their profiles. To see it, you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Check the upper left-hand side, where the date of birth is mentioned.

Step 2: You can also see posts to find the birthday of a person. When the day arrives, there will be a balloon overlay applied to that person's Twitter posts.


This app will help you to check your mate's birthday if you are friends on Snapchat. On a side note, this app does not show you the exact birth date. Here is how to take an idea of a birthday:

Step 1: Firstly, check if they are added to your friends' list on Snapchat. Then swipe left to open the chat list.

Step 2: Now swipe through the whole list to find the person to check if today is their birthday or not. If yes, then you will see a cake icon next to their name.


WhatsApp is a messenger that does not provide any information section to confirm or find the birthday. However, there is a chance if you often chat with that person and wished them last year on their birthday.

Just scroll down and search for that specific conversation. There you can see a date stamp attached to the conversation to know the date of their birthday.

Do a Google Search

If you are looking at how to find out someone's birthday without asking them, then Google search is a must-try. If you are searching for a public profile, you can find their birthday by drilling down on Google.

Type the name of whom you are searching for birthday and add quotations for precise results. You can also add a city or state to get closer to the results. The individual has some records, personal websites, or social accounts that likely show the birth date.

Use Public Birth Records

Other than social media and Google, one can also find someone's birthday on public records. Many states and government organizations offer public record information. They are free to access and available to anyone and anywhere via the Internet.

The public records contain information, such as name, city, state, age, date of birth, court records, etc. However, not every person can access a birth certificate or record, but you can request that.

Other Tricks to Find Out Someone's Birthday

Ask Their Friends or Relatives

Consulting your mutual friends can be a good idea if you are planning your friend's birthday. Ensure to mention your connection and ask them to keep it secret.

Whereas, if you are family members, then go for close acquaintances or relatives. You can ask them directly to prepare the gift.

Take Them to a Place Where ID Card Will be Needed

This trick might be unusual for you, but you have to wait for the results. You need an ID to go to a club or bar if you are in your teens or twenties. When your target person takes out their driver's license, tell a story or comment on the picture.

There, a birth date is present for you. However, if you are too young for a driver's license, do this same for a college ID or passport.

Check Their Calendar for Their Birthday

In a daily routine, there are some situations when you have to visit your friend's house. You can see different hangings or calendars to check the birth date of your friend.

Most people have a birthday calendar in their kitchen. Go there in search of food or water, but don't forget to check that calendar. You can see some big circles with sayings like 'My Big Day' or 'My Birthday.'

This method of finding someone's birthday can also work with digital calendars. Gaining access to the Google Calendar or Apple's version may help you to find a birth date. Well, you have to wait to leave the phone or ask them to share their calendar for specific reasons.

Wrapping Up

The above article has listed the 7 easy ways to find someone's birthday. Thanks to all this, you could not forget your close one's birthday. Use your social media platforms and searching skills to find out the birth date.

Furthermore, you can also opt for the RealPeopleSearch tool to find someone's birthday without any hassle. Its simple and efficient interface will provide all the birthday details that might be helpful to you.