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Due to the facility of phone calls, distance has vanished, and people have become much more accessible. Whether you are in the other corner of the world, you can communicate with people from an immeasurable distance.

However, technology has also raised privacy concerns in people. Phone numbers can now be altered and used by people anonymously. This technique is mostly used for marketing and scamming purposes.

They use different phone numbers from their target’s area to gain trust. We are going to introduce a complete guide on tracing a spoofed phone number in different ways.

In this article, we will cover the following essential aspects:

What is a Spoofed Phone Number?

Spoofing is a way of communicating with people via calls or emails while pretending to be someone else. A spoofed phone number is the one that appears as a specific phone number or company on your screen. But in fact, it's an opposite identity and phone number.

It is a common practice among telemarketers, phishers, and scammers. They alter their identity as someone else’s to gain your trust. Telemarketers perform spoofing so they can pretend as a big brand and advertise their products.

Moreover, scammers pick different phone numbers to irritate people for no reason. Meanwhile, if the victim has blocked the blackmailer's number, he can spoof any relative number. It will make you have the confidence to attend the call.

Tracing a Spoofed Phone Number via RealPeopleSearch

RealPeopleSearch is a spoof number lookup that traces a spoofed phone number. It depicts the complete identity of the actual owner of that phone number. This application helps in finding the target phone number’s owner name, age, address, criminal history, and social profiles.

RealPeopleSearch has a vast database with various state records, court proceedings, traffic reports, and criminal data. The service is connected with valuable public records and national databases. Therefore, RealPeopleSearch has accurate and updated information.

To trace a spoofed number, access RealPeopleSearch’s homepage. Tap on the "Phone Lookup" tab. Now, you need to enter the accurate phone number of the target individual.

Click on the "Search Results" and wait for the result. The service would provide a list of all the people that match the target's phone number. With the help of the filter option, separate the irrelevant profiles.

Click on the "Access Report" stated on the target's profile. The last step requires you to provide your email address and pay the remaining dues. After this, you can access your target’s report by clicking on “View My Report” on the report.

If the report doesn’t find anything for you, it is clear proof that you are dealing with a spoofed call.

Other Ways to Uncover a Spoofed Number

We have explained how to trace a spoofed call by using RealPeopleSearch. In this part, we would look into other methods of tracing a spoofed phone number.

Google the Phone Number

With Google, you can detect a spoofed number and check the authenticity of the phone number easily. Type the phone number in the search bar and click on the “Search” icon.

With the given result, compare the phone number information with the claimed identity of the target. However, it will not be helpful if the caller has spoofed a number and claimed to be its owner.

Call the Company to Confirm

If the caller claims to be from a certain brand or company, call its official phone number. After connecting to the recipient, inform him about the certain call and the conversation between both of you. Make sure to tell the details.

Confirm if it was from one of their employees. If you have confirmed a spoofed phone call, block or report it to the concerned authorities.

Call the Number on Another Phone

If you are on a call with any doubtful person, call on that number from another phone. Remain on the call. If the line is engaged, you will know that the phone number belongs to the caller.

However, recognize the red sign if the line is not busy and the recipient receives the call. After knowing that the phone call is being spoofed, don’t provide your details. Disconnect the call and block the phone number.

What to Do If You Receive a Spoofed Call

We have discussed how to uncover a spoofed number with different methods. Here, we will learn what to do further if you have received a spoofed call:

Avoid Telling Your Personal Information or Sending Money

If you have identified that the ongoing call is spoofed, avoid additional interaction with them. If the person is asking you about personal information, don't give it to him. Please refrain from sending money to his account, whether he pretends to be a telemarketer or someone deserving.

Block the Caller

After disconnecting the call, immediately block the spoofed or fake phone number. You can use the build-in block feature or any third-party blocking application for the purpose. Block a contact number with the following procedure:

  • By reaching the call history on your phone, click on the phone option.
  • Select the spoofed phone number and tap on its "Information."
  • Click on the “Block the number” option to block the person.

Report the Number

In some cases, blocking is not a sufficient solution. If you find the caller extra suspicious, it is safer to report the contact number. You can report the complaint to the local Police department or any relevant government agency.

Here's how to admit the matter to the Federal Trade Commission website:

  • Access its official website and click on the “Report” option.
  • Select the purpose of the complaint that matches the situation.
  • Give the required details and follow the given instructions.

Final Tips: Protect Yourself from Spoofed Phone Number

While we learn how to trace a spoofed number, it must be considered to protect ourselves from such calls. Here, we will acknowledge some tips to save ourselves from getting scammed by fraud people:

  • Considering the scam possibilities via unknown calls, don’t answer the wrong calls in the first place.
  • If you have attended the call, don't answer their questions unless you have confirmed their identity. Avoid giving your personal information like name, email address, address, or credit card details to the caller.
  • Don't trust them if they claim that they belong to a government organization or any business company. Know that such reputable companies don't contact people out of anywhere.
  • Don't follow their instructions if they ask you to click on any sent link or tell them the delivered code. This step can help you lose your social and bank accounts.

Wrapping Up

The article concludes with methods of tracing a spoofed phone number with RealPeopleSearch and other search engines. We have also explained why it is necessary to find out the spoofed phone number. Besides finding the fake call, it is also necessary to take precautionary measures.

By reading the article, you will be bestowed with a detailed analysis and guideline on this matter.