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Language of Omaha

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Top Languages in Omaha

The most common language spoken in Omaha is English, with 89.11% of people speaking Only English. In addition, 9.36% of people speak Other Languages, coming in second.

Educational Attainment of Omaha by Race

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High School

students have the highest high school graduation rate of all races and ethnicities in Omaha, at .

Compared to other races and ethnicities, students have the highest bachelor's degree rate at .

Educational Attainment of Omaha by Sex (over 25)

Education AttainedCountPercentage
Graduate Degree617.68%
Bachelors Degree607.56%
Associates Degree648.06%
Some College25632.24%
High School Graduate29437.03%
9th to 12th Grade475.92%
Less Than 9th Grade121.51%

Earnings Statistics of Omaha by Educational Attainment

Education AttainedAverageMaleFemale


Average Earnings


Average Male


Average Female