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When it comes to the matter of unknown calls, each one of us has surely gotten them. People get irritated by receiving back-to-back unknown calls. While some people ignore them, many individuals pick them, thinking it could be an important matter.

This leads them to be scammed by cheaters. Scamming has become a common and uncontrollable crime. There are different kinds of scams taking place these days. The article will enlighten about a scammer's phone number lookup.

We will also talk about some common scams and methods to prevent yourself from them.

To be detailed for this matter, we will cover the following topics:

Do a Scammer Phone Number Lookup with RealPeopleSearch

RealPeopleSearch is a beneficial phone number lookup tool to find out the scam number lookup behind any phone call. You can detect his name that will certainly reveal his identity. Moreover, you can find his age, birth records, residence, and social media accounts.

The application provides extensive phone lookup reports. However, it keeps the user and target details confidential. No one will ever get to know their identity via the spam call lookup.

With RealPeopleSearch, users can avail themselves of unlimited lookup reports that will include their criminal records.

The software is admired for providing deep web searches with its services. The application will explore all the dark web and national records if you have provided a scammer's phone number. It will compile the given information in a report within 15 minutes and provide it to the user.

Here, we will identify how to find a scammer call with a suspicious phone number lookup, RealPeopleSearch:

  • You should write the phone number of the scammer who has been bothering you. Open RealPeopleSearch’s ‘Phone Lookup’ tab.
  • Type in the number and tap on ‘Start Search.’
  • You need to wait for a while before accessing the finalized scammer lookup report.

Other Free Scammer Phone Number Lookup Methods

We have discussed a free scammer phone number lookup method to detect a scammer. Here, we will dive into some other ways of finding a scammer with his phone number.


Google is a hub of public information. You can search your target person with his number on it. Type the scammer's phone number and hit the "Search" button. The application will show you his available public records.

It will involve his identity, relatives, business details, email address, and alternative phone numbers. Moreover, if he has any criminal data available in public records, Google will also show it. You can find all the blogs, articles, and other links that contain his phone number.

However, Google is not an independent and verified source of information. It will only show any results if the target has publically available or exposed records associated with that number.

Search on Social Media

Social platforms have exclusive details about people. One can also detect scammers with different social media platforms. Let us explain the way below:


LinkedIn is a platform for employees, employers, and job-seekers. If you locate the suspicious person's LinkedIn profile, you can know his complete professional history. Locate the target's LinkedIn profile and search through his profile.

You will find his email address, complete name, education, and employment history. However, this way will only work if your connection has allowed the public to view his profile.


If you want to know “is this number safe” about any unknown number, Twitter can also help you. For this purpose, click the “Settings” icon situated on the top-left corner of the page. Tap the “Settings and Privacy” section. A menu will be opened with various options.

Click the "Privacy and Safety" and further click the "Discoverability and Contacts." You will observe multiple toggles on the page. Scroll down and click the "Synchronise Address Book Contacts" to match all the contact numbers on your Twitter. Search your target's profile to get his identity details.


Facebook is a common and famous social media platform around the globe. While creating an account on Facebook, the application asks for the contact information, i.e., email address or phone number. Therefore, you can search people with their phone numbers and detect their profiles.

Search with the scammer's phone number within quotation marks to get filtered outcomes. Locate the relevant profile and navigate through it. You will find plenty of information, including his photos, address, education, job places, and relatives.


To find the scammer on Instagram, you need to open the platform and click the profile icon. You will see the hamburger icon on the top-right side of the page. Click it and further select “Discover People” and locate the “Find People” page. Tap the “Connect Contacts” button.

Provide your profile access to your contact list by tapping the "Allow" option. After this, the application will synchronize all the phone contacts to your Instagram. Scroll down the "Contacts" page in the "Discover People" section to find the scammer's profile.

What to Do If You Find Out the Phone Number Is Spam?

We have discovered enough details on how to check the scammer's phone number behind the phone call. The next question is what should be done if the phone number turns out to be a scam. Here, we will discuss the next course of action:

Hang Up

Even if the phone number is not a scam, hang up if the person asks you for personal details. You should know that your bank or any responsible brand will not call illegally to ask for details. If the person turns out to be a scammer or a secret agent, you could become victimized by identity theft.

Moreover, if they ask you to click on a sent message link, don’t listen to them. Hang up and avoid complications in your life.

Block the Callers

If you have hung up and it doesn’t seem enough to prevent the scam call, block the phone number. Some people don’t stop calling until you finally listen to them and do whatever they want. If this is the case, simply hanging the call won’t work.

Moreover, don't even trust if the caller's identity is familiar to you. It is called Spoofing, where the caller alters his phone number with another number.

If you have attended a call that sounds weird, don't second guess anything. Hang up and block the phone number. Abide by the following steps to block the scammer phone number:

  • Search the target phone number in the Call history of the "Phone" application.
  • Click the phone number and tap on Information/Details.
  • Select the “Block” option and get rid of daily calls from that number.

Report Phone Scams

If you have verified that the caller is a dangerous scammer, Report him. Scam cases are different and sensitive. People get trapped and send their credit card and personal details to the caller.

Sometimes, victims follow their instructions that cause the hacking of their phone or social platforms. If you report the phone number swiftly, it will prevent many other people from falling victim to the scammer.

Follow these steps to report a scam phone call from your phone:

  • Go to the official website of the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Click on the "Report Now." You are required to select the category that fits your situation.
  • Provide them the needed details. Now, follow the given instructions to report the user.

Common Phone Scams and How You Can Avoid Them

One should necessarily know the indications of a scam call. This part will discover the common scam types and how one can ignore them and stay safe.

It Sounds Too Good to Be True

The common scammers try to trap people with appealing statements. They would tell you, "You have won a Lottery" or "You won the full international student scholarship." After saying that, they will immediately ask you to pay registration fees, advance, or taxes.

In this situation, think about how you can be so lucky to win something you didn't even initiate for. Remember that scammers entrap victims so they can grasp money from them. Don’t get involved in something that doesn’t sound real to you.

You can ignore and save yourself from this scam in the following ways:

  • Ask the caller to provide authentic and legal proof of winning the lucky draw.
  • If you know that it is a scam, call, block, and report to your mobile carrier service.
  • Hang up and run a spam caller lookup on the phone number and verify the person’s details.

It Asks for Personal Information or Money

Don't trust him too easily if the caller claims to be from your bank or any government-related institute. Scammers now pretend to be from a reputable agency to gain people's trust. Additionally, if they ask you for money or your details, please notice the red sign.

Know that the bank never calls and asks the customer to pay the remaining dues or taxes. They have valid and verified phone numbers. Also, they contact people via email for such matters.

Furthermore, government institutions have plenty of records about people. So, they never call to ask for your personal information. Most callers that ask for personal details end up stealing the target's identity.

You can ignore the scammers by following these instructions:

  • Try to remember how your Bank or IRS usually contacts you. If it was never by this means, hang up the call.
  • Ask the claimed employee about his identity and contact the associated institute to inform them about the call.
  • Avoid panicking and making urgent decisions. Always take time to do an online search about the organization.

You’re Threatened or Made to Feel Afraid

It is a common scam in which the scammer pressurizes or threatens the target person. Consequently, the victim gets panicky and makes abrupt decisions. For instance, the scammer will call a teenager and tell them that their parents are arrested.

The victim will be asked to send the Police the bail money hurriedly. Otherwise, they will be in jail for a long time. Avoid such situations with the following advice:

  • Ask the Police station’s Location. Reach the place and find out the accuracy of the situation.
  • Keep asking questions to the caller. Investigate your parents' crime and ask them the Location of the crime. Don't trust an unknown caller easily.
  • Refrain from sending money online and don’t provide them your personal information. Remember that such matters are sensitive. Any carelessness can lead to a problematic situation.

Someone You Don't Know Has Your Personal Details

If a caller has your personal details and pretends to be your old relative or acquaintance, don’t easily trust him. People get details from public records, search engines, and social media platforms. These sources sometimes have plenty of data about people.

Therefore, if someone tells you your name or address to gain your trust, be resistant. This is a trick to gain further details about you, such as your job place or new address. Providing such information can lead to dacoity or harsher consequences.

Instead of being the victim, follow these suggestions to avoid any mishap:

  • Don’t trust easily. Just if the person knows your name doesn’t mean that he is your relative.
  • Don’t provide additional information. If they ask you questions, refrain from answering them.
  • Instead of giving them your whereabouts. Ask them more questions and observe their tone, way, and knowledge.

Beware of COVID-19 Scams

Due to the outrage of COVID-19, people are facing extreme health and financial problems. Therefore, many scammers have misused the pandemic situation to loot innocent people. There are charity scams and funeral assistance scams.

The scammers call people and ask them for financial assistance. They will create an emotional situation and end up asking you to send online money. Avoid being trapped in such a situation by following these guidelines:

  • Don’t get emotional. If they are forcing the sensitive situation on you, consider it a red sign.
  • Don't agree with sending online financial assistance. Ask the caller to send you the organization's details. Take proper time to think about your decision.
  • Visit the website of the given organization. These human service agencies have online pages. Contact them and tell them about the received call.

The Bottom Line

The article is an ultimate guide for all those who wonder “how to find scammer numbers." We have explained the assistance of a scammer phone number lookup, RealPeopleSearch. Different social media applications also help in finding the scammer.

Moreover, the article has discussed several common scams and how one can avoid being trapped in them. Reading the article will surely provide you with awareness and tackling guidelines.