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Background checks are quite vital in letting you come to know about the important details of a person whom you find through people finder services. You might witness different events, such as meeting with a stranger or working with someone on a project. This usually calls up for a complete background check on the individual.

Covering a background check can prove quite fruitful for users if done properly. However, the user can decide the extent of covering a background check, which comes under different levels. Users set up an appropriate background check level to cater to their needs.

This article shall feature a detailed discussion over level 2 background check, under the following distribution of topics:

What is a Level 2 Background Check?

A simple background check covers a very minute set of details, which are quite basic to know for the user. If you are into finding the identity of a person, a simple background check may suffice. However, people who wish to get into more depth about a person’s life should consider another level check.

A Level 2 Background Check contains a coherent list of the criminal history of the person being searched. Where people can carry out simple background checks discreetly, a Level ii Background check operates oppositely.

This in-depth background checker provides a fingerprint-based report which displays the need for consent from the person being searched. Level 2 Background Check is not considered simple, as it looks deeply into a person's history. This includes looking over the state and national records of criminal history.

Checking out the criminal history of a person can involve multiple criminal offenses. This can include murder, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, negligence, and healthcare crimes. Such background checks are quite fruitful for discovering any hidden secret about an employee.

What Are The Requirements?

To carry out a Level 2 Background Screening, it is important to have a fingerprint of the searched individual. Furthermore, this type of background check is not promoted without the consent of both parties. Along with that, the state authorities are also to be informed of such background screenings.

The use of Level 2 Background Check under such conditions needs to comply with the FCRA rules. Thus, selecting a service provider accredited as an FCRA-compliant service is preferred to be used. Using a fingerprint-based identity method gives away accurate results of people from huge databases.

How Much Does It Cost?

The overall cost of covering Level 2 Background Checks can vary, depending on the authority that is being accessed. If you consider accessing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), pay $24 for obtaining the criminal history record.

Conversely, the FBI offers a complete background summary of an individual for $18. There are several other state and national authorities that can be contacted for obtaining criminal background reports.

Difference Between Level 2 and Level 1 Background Check

As previously stated, background checks exist at different levels pertaining to their intensity. The most common background checks under this facility are the Level 1 and Level 2 background checks. However, most people question what does Level 1 mean on background check?

Looking deeper into these levels, a Level 1 Background Check is referred to as a name-check background process. This background check type provides users with state-level records. Most users prefer opting Level 1 Background Check for a name-based check for looking into someone’s employment history.

Many companies prefer carrying out a Level 1 Background Check during the hiring and screening processes. The Level 2 Background Check, in contrast, compensates for a check through fingerprints. This process is not majorly supported across most states, which does not make it promising enough.

Florida is the only state within the United States that has allowed employment screening through Level 2 Background Check. Under Section 435.04, F.S., a comprehensive fingerprint-based background check is allowed involving the state authorities.

Level 2 Background Check guides employers on ensuring a list of things in the pre-employment screening. However, they have to ensure that the process complies with the rules and regulations set forth by the state.

Companies usually intend to carry out a Level 2 Background Check under job positions that require trust and responsibility. If the job description includes working with elderly, children, and other vulnerable groups, such a check is preferred.

A Level 1 Background Check returns its users with the basic details and information of a user. Conversely, if you wish to know criminal details about the individual, a Level 2 Background Screening is preferred.

What Does a Level 2 Background Check Consist Of?

The article has previously stated Level 2 Background Checks to be a specialized type of fingerprint-based check. This type of background check is responsible for providing users with extensive information.

As employers consider checking their employee's backgrounds through such checks, they look forward to details that would help them decide. A Level 2 Background Check will introduce users to the criminal records of the person.

While remaining compliant to the state and national authorities, the information obtained can help unfold unknown details associating an individual. You can get hold of the following details across a Level 2 Background Check report.

  • People can get updated about the felony convictions that the person has been a part of.
  • Pending criminal cases and civil judgments that have been in the court records will also be disclosed.
  • Arrests that led to the conviction and sealed convictions will also be included within the report.
  • The Sex Offender Database, Prison Records, and Domestic Terrorist Watch List are also included in the details.
  • Employers can demand details of all the arrests that did not lead to a conviction.

Use Cases of Level 2 Background Check

A Level 2 Background Screening is required under very specific conditions. As this background check is not allowed across major states in the US, it needs to be carried out very carefully. One of the most convenient use cases of Level 2 Background Check is pre-employment screening.

While complying with the laws of FCRA and the regulations put forth by state authorities, employers can carry this out. This is to ensure that the workplace remains safe and secure from people with criminal identity. If a person turns out to have a criminal identity, it tampers the reputation of the business too.

Hiring someone involved in some felony or criminal offense is very questionable. It disturbs the overall system of the company. It is very important to ensure the sustainability of the brand reputation.

A Level 2 Background Check is carried out under cases if you are hiring a person for a delicate job. If any job involves care and delicacy, it is very important to have a person who has a calm personality. A person having criminal activity would never be fit for such jobs.

To avoid such uneven and uncertain circumstances, it is advised to carry out a proper background check. A Level 2 Background Check caters to all the requirements of the employers. It helps them get to know about the person before employment.

Ending Words

There are multiple levels of background checks that can be carried out for obtaining information. Different levels have been devised as an answer to covering aspects of varying intensities. A Level 2 Background Check can help people get to know about the intensive criminal details of any person.

This article has answered the question of “what is a level 2 background check?” Users can look across the provided details to get to know more about this type of background check.

People, especially employers, should realize the regulations associated with it. They should ensure a proper background check of their employment within the limit. It is preferred to use a Level 2 Background Check with care and proper knowledge.