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Communication through phone calls has become quite a thing over the years. It's quite simple to get someone's phone number using phone number finder services today. People have made it their primary method of local and international connection. However, with improved technology comes different deviating mutations which sabotage the basic system and its operation.

Phone spoofing is one form of technical anomalies that makes things very inconvenient for users. To better understand phone spoofing, it is important to comprehend its necessity.

This article shall explain what phone spoofing is and would help users de-escalate the problems caused by it. It will also help the users to learn how to stop someone from using my phone number.

We shall be focusing and breaking down our topic of discussion as shown below:

What is Phone Spoofing?

Disguise can be confusing and puzzling. Phone spoofing is quite similar to disguising, where a user disguises themselves as some professional or someone else. The process involves changing information such as Caller ID and phone number that is displayed across another device.

This usually involves people communicating with users from a spoofed government contact or company number. These people intend to gain the trust of the person on the other side of the phone. Many reasons can be associated with such acts.

Phone spoofing is not restricted to special numbers. People can use your number and contact details as a means to hide their identity. There is a high chance of you getting a confused call from your friend asking about something you never said.

This makes both users a victim of phone spoofing. You can get quite frustrated overseeing someone using my phone number.

Before discussing how to stop someone from using my phone number, it is important to look over other details. It is considered vital to answer why "someone is using my phone number."

  • The caller searches for some personal information from the person on the other side of the phone. It involves gathering leads from the user without getting caught.
  • Businesses encourage using phone spoofing to market their product more professionally.
  • People are most likely to scam people into giving up their sensitive information over some scheme. This allows them to double-cross and scam people.

Who Uses Phone Spoofing?

As you get to know more about the reasons that lead to phone spoofing, you are clear about its users. This part clearly outlines the responsible entities if someone is using my phone number to make calls.

Professional Workers

It might sound quite absurd when you hear officials spoofing their phone numbers. One of the major reasons they carry this out is to hide their identity. While being at work, they prefer not to give away their real identity through their phone numbers.

To counter this, they use phone spoofing to hide their real numbers while being at work or infield.

Fund Recovery

You might never answer a call if a debt collection agency contacts you through their official number. Thus, it is very common among collection agencies to call people from a spoofed number. This can get quite interesting when you hear your friend calling you asking if you were demanding recovery funds.

Collection agencies mainly resort their whole attention to getting spoofed numbers.


It can get quite serious if someone is using my phone number to scam people. Scammers can make your life quite miserable by spoofing your number and hiding behind it. Not only do they damage people monetarily, but they can also make things quite difficult for you.

Scammers spoof phone numbers to deceive people without getting caught. You might get legally involved if someone else uses your cell phone number to scam someone.

Telemarketing Companies

These companies have made it their habit to spoof numbers for accessing their potential clients. They might consider using your phone number to access a client if they live across the same area code. This usually helps them convince them to make a purchase or utilize their service.

Telemarketers using your phone number to spoof is one of the extensive reasons "why is someone using my phone number."

How to Stop Someone from Using My Phone Number?

As you have learned multiple reasons and sources that perform phone spoofing, it is better to discuss its prevention. This part shall figure out multiple ways that explain how to stop someone from using my phone number.

Change Your Number

If it is quite easy and simple to change your number, you should most likely go for it. Some people do not find it easy to change their numbers. According to them, it is quite a hassle to inform every contact about the change.

Thus, changing your phone number can be quite relative to the conditions you are involved in.

Record a New Voicemail Message

You might get aware of having your number spoofed through your relatives or friends. It is considered exceptionally smart to change your voicemail under such conditions immediately. If you cannot change your phone number, it is highly advised to try out this method.

You can specify getting your number spoofed within the newly recorded voicemail. This would undoubtedly save you from many awkward situations.

Report them to the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can be very effective under cases where you have to report some users. It is considered best to file a complaint and report someone if found using your phone number. Thus, it would be best if you considered following the steps as explained below to report someone:

  • Access the “Federal Communications Commission” official website.
  • File a complaint by tapping on "Report Now," which would provide you with multiple categories to select from.
  • Fill out the form properly and follow the on-screen instructions to submit the report.

Use an App to Block Calls

It is considered best to block a number that has been continually bothering you by contacting you excessively. Downloading an application to block some number's call is considered appropriate. Users can download any app of their liking and block any call that they think came from a spoofed number.

This would particularly help you in countering all the issues without getting into a lot of mess.

Closing Words

This article has defined and answered why someone is using my cell phone number to make calls. Users feel quite perplexed in such situations. This article explains all aspects of phone spoofing and who uses it.

It also provides the users with appropriate precautions on how to stop someone from using my phone number. You can look into the details to know more about phone spoofing and why people use it excessively.