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Finding people via their phone number appears hard to believe. However, you can easily do it. You might attend an unknown phone call that gives you suspicions about the caller. Or else, you may have saved a phone number with a pseudonym and don’t remember who the person is.

Moreover, if you face harassment from a phone number, you should not remain unknown to the person's identity. In any of the scenarios, what will be your best choice to make? The article is going to introduce 10 ways on how to find someone's name by phone number.

To know about these best people finding solutions, we will be covering the following aspects:

How to Find Someone's Name by Their Cell Phone Number

RealPeopleSearch is the finest lookup service used to identify the target person's name with their phone number. You can also find the relevant details of your target, such as his age, social profiles, residence, and relatives.

The application does not reveal the user’s identity throughout the searches. It does not allow anyone to check the user's searches and the target's report. Moreover, the application has the largest database that contains complete records of people.

Now, let’s learn how to find out someone's name by cell phone number with RealPeopleSearch:

Step 1: Open Phone Lookup Tool
Open the official website of RealPeopleSearch. Tap on the “Phone Lookup” service on the home page.
Step 2: Initiate the Search
Enter the accurate phone number of the target. Click on the “Start Search” and wait for a few moments until it displays the results.
Step 3: View the Detailed Results
RealPeopleSearch finds the appropriate profiles across its databases and displays them in the results. You can view details of any profile information by tapping on it.

Try Google or Other Search Engines

Google and other search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.com, also find people's names with their contact information. You need to do a search with the target's phone number and wait for results.

The search engines also find the target’s email address, social profiles, and business contact information. They display links to blogs and business pages containing the relative phone number in their content.

However, search engines only display the data that is already registered on their sites. Due to this, there are fewer chances to find everyone on these services.

Look Through Social Media Platform

Different social media applications can also provide valuable information about a person. Here, we will learn how to find name by phone numbers on social media platforms.

Most Facebook users connect their profiles with email addresses and phone numbers. Therefore, when you type the phone number in the search bar, the app will show the matching profiles.
By identifying the target’s profile, you can observe his complete name along with his educational and residential information. Yet you can only find someone through Facebook if he has connected his profile with his phone number.
Instagram also supports finding someone with their phone number. Open the Instagram application and tap on the profile icon located at the bottom-left of the screen.
There will be a three dots icon on the top-right corner of the page. Tap it and select "Discover People." Further, search the contacts section on the "Find People" page. Click the "Connect Contacts" button.
If required, provide access to your phone's contacts by clicking on the "Allow" option. Instagram will synchronize all the phone numbers to your account. Find your target's profile located in the "Contacts" section of the "Discover People" page.
By clicking on your target's profile, you will recognize his complete name.
LinkedIn is another source of finding someone's name with their phone numbers. With this service, you can carry searches on any business organization, employer, and employee.
LinkedIn is another source of finding someone's name with their phone numbers. With this service, you can carry searches on any business organization, employer, and employee.
Locate your target connection’s LinkedIn profile and identify his information. You can find his accurate name, job history, and email address in his contact information.
However, you can only figure out your target's profile if you allow the public to search his profile.
People would be wondering how can someone find a name by phone number on Twitter. Admirably, you can synchronize your phone's contacts on the Twitter application and find your target's name.
You need to open the Settings located on the top left of your Twitter page. Now, click on the "Settings and Privacy" part. Click the "Privacy and Safety" in the opening menu and locate the "Discoverability and Contacts" option.
You need to open the Settings located on the top left of your Twitter page. Now, click on the "Settings and Privacy" part. Click the "Privacy and Safety" in the opening menu and locate the "Discoverability and Contacts" option.
Click it, and you will see various switches on the page. Click the "Synchronise Address Book Contacts" to coordinate all the contacts on your Twitter. Navigate through your contact list to find your target's profile. Click on it to get his full name and other data.

Send a WhatsApp Message

If you cannot find your target's name through all the above ways, there is another way. However, you have to send a message to them to find out their name.

Perform the following steps to get the target’s name from his phone number:

  • You need to open the WhatsApp application and tap the "New Chat" button. Click on the "New Contact," add their phone number with any pseudonym, and save it.
  • Send a message on their number and quickly delete their phone number from the "Contacts" app. Now, go back to the application and select the recent conversation with the target.
  • Click on the top bar and open the contact details. If the target's privacy settings have allowed, you will observe his name written next to the (~) sign.

Use Other Reverse Phone Lookup Service

We have talked about how to find someone's cell phone number by their name with RealPeopleSearch and search engines. Now, let's recognize other phone lookup services that find name from phone numbers.


CocoFinder is a lookup application that helps locate the target person's complete identity via his phone number. You need to open its official website and search for the person with his phone number. The application will provide his complete report covering his name and other data.

CocoFinder provides age, relatives, social media applications, alternative phone numbers, and the target's address. Moreover, you can also avail his criminal history along with traffic records and court history.


With NumLooker, you can find your target's relevant information, including his accurate identity. The application has billions of records covering the citizen's records. With one search, you can find excessive information about your target individual.

NumLooker is eligible for finding the correct name of the target person with his phone number. You can also discover his marriage and death records, business details, other phone numbers, and email addresses. The application has a big database that has updated information about every individual.


Spokeo is another useful application to find your target person's name and significant information with his phone number. It has an easy-to-use interface that requires no professional knowledge to operate. Anyone can enter his directed person's identifying details and find his identity.

Spokeo finds the target's relevant records, including his name, potential relatives, social media handles, and email address. It has various other ways to find the target person, i.e., his name, residential address, and email address.


With this application, you can clear your doubts and find the owners of unknown phone numbers. The application has extensive records of people. It is connected with various public search engines and national databases. Therefore, the app has information about nearly everyone.

BeenVerified finds the owner of any phone number along with his address and complete identity. The application carries out confidential searches on the target person. It means that your target or any person who uses the service will not know about you.


As obvious from the service’s name, PeopleFinders finds people through their contact information. This people searcher scours information about an individual via email address, phone number, name, and residential data.

This service finds the basic information, including the target's accurate name, current and past locations, and associated phone numbers. Although, the background report service will exhibit his complete background, including bankruptcies and property records.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate service allows people to quickly verify someone’s identity and other details via his contact information. The application asks for the target’s phone number and runs a search through its database directories.

It then compiles the given information in a report. This report contains his name, complete address history, possible relatives, age, social media handles, and available email addresses.

If the target individual has associated his business with that phone number, the report will display his business information.

The Bottom Line

The article has given a complete solution of how to find someone's name by phone number. RealPeopleSearch can find the precise identity details associated with his other national records.

Some public search engines can also identify valuable information of a person with his phone number. The article has concluded 6 applications that can bring real help in finding a name by phone number.

Anyone who reads the article will surely know the best way to discover someone's name with his contact data.