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People often get unknown calls that make them hesitate to attend every unknown call. Many fake business organizations, scammers, and phishers disturb people daily.

With the assistance of a spy phone lookup, you can find the true identity of those fraud people. Hence, you can block them and continue your daily routine with peace. These lookup applications can also find your old friends and acquaintances with their phone numbers.

The article has presented the 10 best reverse phone lookup applications. These services can be used to find the true identity of the unknown caller.


RealPeopleSearch is a helpful people-finding application that can discover people with their phone numbers. You can access your acquaintance, friends, or relatives from the past by looking at them with RealPeopleSearch.

This service helps find the target's complete and actual identity, like his full name, age, and address. Moreover, it also shows the individual's background information, including his public records, social media accounts, and influential relatives.

This application is significantly helpful as it only requires minimum information like the target's phone number. Then, it depicts the complete history of that person without letting him know.

RealPeopleSearch requires you to enter the accurate phone number of the target and search for results. After identifying the target person, the service will compile a concise report that will contain all his information.

This service can help people identify between scammers and wrong-callers. After knowing about the individual, you can take the next step of either blocking them or reporting the target.


As apparent from the name, TruthFinder is a tool that helps you know about the facts of other people. This implies that you can know his actual identity as well as his detailed personal data. With this reverse lookup service, you can check the phone number’s owners and see their real identity.

It can depict details about the target person, including birth and death records, residential addresses, and social media profiles. This phone lookup tool can also help as a self-lookup tool. By looking upon yourself with your phone number, you can find your publically available records.

This will help you to be aware of your public records. And you will know what other people, who search for you, will find on the platform. This phone lookup service has an extensive database record that nearly has everyone's records within the state.

Moreover, the service keeps on updating records to give true and relevant information to its user base. Therefore, you can find anyone’s fresh and updated records with TruthFinder.


Finding someone's identifying information with their available data is now achievable with AnyWho. This service requires the accurate phone number of the target person who searches for him and displays his identity.

AnyWho is interlinked with various public records, search engines, federal and state records. So, when a person is looked up, it finds the records of these databases and then depicts the report.

With AnyWho, you can find the target's associated relatives, other phone numbers, and social profiles. After obtaining information about the target's social media handles, you can find his photos, friends, job places, and education.

This step will help you get a deep analysis of your targeted person. This service can lend great help in identifying fraud sellers, scammers, and stalkers. It also finds the person’s criminal record, public information, birth records, and exact location.

The lookup service also helps in knowing the person's marital status. Before trusting someone through a dating application, it is safe to run the AnyWho service on him.


The USPhoneBook is actually like a phonebook of all the people situated in the US. The service lets you find people with their names, phone number, or email address. With this application, you can trace people and get their relevant information compiled in a report.

The data will include your target's full name, property ownership, possible relatives, age, marriage, and divorce records. You can also know your target’s social networks and find his online activities.

This lookup service traces people and finds their identity and residential address. You can protect yourself from online bullies or scammers by adopting this method.

The service is very trustworthy as it does not leak the user and target's identity or data. You can always request to remove your search records from the USPhoneBook directory.

Moreover, it has legitimate customer service that is always available to answer customers' questions and solve their queries.


Spokeo is another people-finding application that has 130 million public records and 600 million court records. Spokeo requires people to enter the correct information of the target, like his name, phone number, address, or username.

After this, the application starts finding the target’s record in its associated database records. It can identify the target's marital status, birth information, current and past residential information. Moreover, one can also get the target’s property records, lifestyle information, and estimated salary.

This is a lot of information to get if you only know the person’s phone number. Moreover, Spokeo keeps on refreshing and adding more information to its database records. So, you will always find updated information.

If the record is updated in the future, Spokeo will send his updated report to your provided email address. Spokeo has a transparent policy of not allowing the use of the provided information against someone.

The application states that the report cannot screen anyone from jobs or stalk them disgustedly. And if this happens, the company would not be responsible for the consequences.


With NumLooker, you can find any unknown person, long-lost friend or acquaintance, and business company details. NumLooker has arguably the most convenient interface that any person can operate.

If the phone number is associated with any business company, the service will show the details of the business. Depending on the available records, NumLooker will find plenty of data. It includes the person's city, area code, type of phone, and email address.

With the phone lookup service, you can also search the telephone numbers and VOIPs. It also offers the current and past residential records and co-residents of the individual.

Its reverse phone lookup service helps protect the user's privacy as it tells you about phishers and stalkers. Moreover, if the entered phone number is not in the use of the target, you can still find his data.

NumLooker finds the associated phone numbers and email addresses that fetch valuable information about the person’s identity. So, it is possible to find your childhood friend’s fresh location and address with his old phone number.

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is another best reverse phone lookup that acquires the target’s minimum information like name, phone number, and address. Its reverse phone lookup service helps to know about people or find people with their phone numbers.

It supports all US-based numbers, including phone numbers or landline numbers. It finds the phone number's owner name, age, location, and phone carrier. The information can also come with a satellite photo of where the line is located.

It has a voicemail check feature that triggers the number’s voicemail so you can listen and collect the data. The information only depends on the conversation being held in the spy call. But, you can observe the target’s voice and know if it is your acquaintance.

Spy Dialer is a basic spy caller and lookup service. But it does not provide the individual’s complete name or address due to privacy reasons. Moreover, it is also not possible to update your public information with Spy Dialer.

However, you can opt to remove your information by requesting the application.


ZLookup is another best reverse phone lookup that assists in finding people with their phone numbers. This service charges no price to find people’s relevant information. Its services are available across many countries, including the USA, Switzerland, and Italy.

The ZLookup service not only searches through its phone number databases but also requests the phone companies. The phone companies return the accurate and complete name of the target and the type of phone.

If his company gives the target's phone number, you will find the owner's name. ZLookup is a free service; therefore, it finds the information available in public records and search engines. You cannot find the extra information covering your directed person’s background information.

The phone spy lookup feature of ZLookup anonymously runs a call on the person. His conversation is recorded for the user so he can gain the information later.

This lookup service does not have updated records due to multiple interlinking with different public search engines. If the concerned public records don’t have correct or reorganized information, ZLookup will, likewise, display those records.


BeenVerified helps to verify the caller with the help of his phone number. If you want to buy anything online, the lookup service will help to verify the seller. You can check his real identity and his business information before making an online transaction.

Moreover, it also helps to confirm information about your online date. You can check his actual name, marital status, residence, criminal and civil records, and social media profiles. This is an emerging tool that protects people from fake telemarketers, phone scams, and Robocalls.

Make sure to provide an accurate and updated phone number for a lookup search. You can also find the relative through their name. The people search service of BeenVerified exhibits the overview of a person’s identity, business association, and court proceedings.

This application protects the user's privacy and does not save its identity and target's information on its servers. The employees of BeenVerified cannot access the private information of users.


PeopleFinders is an informative source of receiving people's data with their phone numbers, name, and email address. With this lookup software, you can get the most updated information gathered in a phone lookup report.

Unlike the other people finder sites, PeopleFinders does not require paying for a monthly subscription. A single report can be achieved at an affordable price. This service is available via the website and some mobile applications.

With its reverse phone lookup service, you can find plenty of records associated with the phone number. It helps in finding associations, business records, asset records, and birth information. Moreover, you can get a detailed insight into the person’s complete and accurate identity.

The service helps in discovering who called you with their phone number. It uses SSL encryption to keep the search and information secure. So, there is no way the target or any other individual finds out the target's report or your identity.

The Bottom Line

The article has pulled out detailed information on how to find callers with the best reverse phone lookup services. It has introduced 10 best reverse phone lookup services that find people through their phone numbers.

You need to enter the accurate phone number of your directed individual and wait for the results. All these lookup applications receive information through several public records, national and state database records.

After reading the article, you will overview the 10 best reverse phone lookup applications. You can use your preferable lookup service and recognize the unknown caller.