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Getting someone’s background information in Indiana is a lengthy and complicated process. Although you can get the information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you will find yourself struggling to cope up with the complete process.

Another challenge is the expensive fees you need to pay to perform a background check in Indiana. That is why more and more people are going for digital solutions to use background check services. These tools let you access public records in Indiana conveniently.

The good thing is you do not need to worry about the complicated process anymore. Online background check services in Indiana are easy to use and offer access to Indiana public records.

The crucial part is to understand the process and to use a reliable tool for that.

Indiana Public Records Law

According to the FOAI, anyone can request a background check on someone, regardless of where they live in the United States. The person needs to send a written request to any government department with all the required information of the person.

The most preferred mode of sharing the request is through the mail service. However, one can deliver the request in person as well.

You will need to complete the requirements to post a request before you get the reports. However, all the departments are answerable when it comes to a background check request.

The act is not limited to background checks, as you can access any document you want.

Types of Public Records in Indiana

The Freedom of Information Act has covered different types of public records that you can access in Indiana. Here are some of the most popular public records related to background checks you can access:

Indiana Criminal Records

Employers refer to criminal records in the hiring process. Almost every recruiting company performs a background check on a candidate before hiring them. Indiana criminal records offer the relevant public information of a person for hiring purposes.

Parents can use these records to know more about the babysitter or teachers before hiring them for the kids.

You can find different types of information in a criminal report. Usually, it includes basic details of a person like full name, physical appearance, and nationality. However, the main part of the report includes arrest records, convictions, and restraining orders of that person.

How to Access Indiana Criminal Records?

The easiest way to access Indiana criminal records is by sending a request to the government departments in Indiana. You will be asked to submit a few details to verify your identity along with some details to find out the exact records you are looking for.

Indiana Inmate Records

Inmate records are a part of criminal records that lets you check the inmate’s records in the Indiana prison system. The records are accessible under the Freedom of information act. However, you still need to share a written request to access these records.

People search for inmate records to check the history of a specific person. It is a reliable way to track the background of a person, and their behavior in the prison.

How to Access Indiana Inmate Records?

There is a proper procedure to access inmate records, and you need to cite a reason along with your request to get this information. Once you prepare the request, you can send it to a government department. You will receive updates from the agency. You can also track the progress of your request online.

Indiana Court Records

Another important part of a background check includes the court records. The records are disclosed based on the guidelines set by the State of Indiana.

Indiana court records include all the proceedings of a case. These records are used to track the process of a court case to revisit the court sessions and trials. This service aims to offer an easy way to track the complete process without applying it to every court where the matter was heard.

You also need some knowledge to understand these reports as the data is quite complex and covers the proceedings of many years.

How to Access Indiana Court Records?

You can use Criminal records in Indiana to access any court records you want. The good thing is you do not need to cite any reason to get these details as long as you are using online background check tools.

Alternatively, you can submit the request under FOIA as well. However, it is a lengthy process that takes even weeks to get the required data. Thus, consider your requirements and choose the method accordingly.

Indiana Vital Records

If you are looking for someone’s records like birth certificate, marriage certificate, or any other milestone of their life, you can find them with Indiana vital records. All the background check Indiana services offer access to this information.

The interesting thing is that the vital records are available from the health department. Also, the process is a bit challenging and takes around a month or two.

Here’s an easier to access this information:

How to access Indiana Vital Records?

The most effective way to access these records is by using Indiana public record services. The details are usually sent to you within a few days of submitting the request.

The request requires similar input to search for this information as you submit it to the medical department. The good thing is you will get reliable information as it is directly from the state of Indiana.

How to Access the Public Records in Indiana?

Accessing public records in Indiana requires you to submit a request to the government agencies with a proper reason. Usually, the request requires you to fill two different sections.

The first section includes your information like full name, contact details, and mailing address.

The second section includes the information you are looking for. You can provide the full name of the person, any reference number to your previous request, and the reason to access this information.

Another method is to use an online background check service.

The only difference is you need to wait for a few weeks to get it through the traditional method. The quicker way is to go with an online background check service.

How to Perform a Background Check in Indiana Using RealPeopleSearch?

As a useful people lookup service provider, RealPeopleSearch offers a reliable way to perform background checks online. The process is easy to follow and you do not need any background knowledge to use the solution.

Here’s how you can use it:

You need to enter the first and last name of the targeted person by selecting the People Search tool on the website. After that, click on the search button and wait for the website to find the relevant data.

The process will take a few minutes to complete. It will share a report in which you can check the criminal records, court trials, vital records, speeding tickets, and other crimes of that person.


The background check tools offer a trusted solution to find Indiana background records of any person. This page covered all the important information you need to submit to access the required reports.

The important thing to note is anyone can request a background check in Indiana, even if they are not a resident of Indiana. It means you can send written requests to the concerned department of any state you want. You just need to fulfill the requirements set by the state department to get direct access to that information.

We recommend considering the timeframe of both the methods to better suit your requirements.